Mont Blanc Exped

Hi all,

I'm hoping to spin up a AT exped to climb Mont Blanc (and some smaller things around there to acclimitise), has anyone on here done it before and have any tips, or better still, a JSATFA that I can use as a template rather than starting afresh?

Also, does anyone know specifically what instructors will be needed for this. I'm guessing Winter ML and Apline ML as a base line. I'm hoping no RCL as there are no technical climbs or KLL with no metalwork to get across.

Thanks in advance!
Did it with RE Mountaineering and Exploration Club back in 77/78 - which got me off Fire Strike duties !
Can't remember much of the technical stuff but have a Bergan-full of dits from it.
Thoroughly worthwhile week away.


Book Reviewer
I got mont blanc aftershave for chrimbo and thats as near as I get to exercise when i splash it on .

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