Monster Weapons!




OldSnowy said:
Nope, no use to anyone on DII - link blocked. How about describing it in words?


As we are doing mortars

The Coehorn

Big, Daft and Boxhead, I give you there Panzer VIII Maus :D

Check this utter box head madness out!

At 1000 metric tons, the P-1000 would have been over five times as heavy as the Panzer VIII Maus, the largest tank ever actually built.

Its primary weapons would have been two 280 mm guns mounted in the same type of gun turret used in Gneisenau class warships.

Other guns would have included a single 128 mm gun, eight 20 mm Flak 38 anti-aircraft guns and two 15 mm Mauser MG 151/15 guns.

It would have been equipped with six 1.2 metre tracks with three tracks per side. Its power would have come from two MAN V12Z32/44 24 cylinder Diesel marine engines with 8500 hp each or eight Daimler-Benz MB501 20 cylinder Diesel marine engines with 2000 hp each to achieve the 16000 hp needed to move this tank.
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