Monster Shark Bites a Great White in Half!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gundulph, Oct 27, 2009.

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  2. your missing the picture...


    thats a 10ft great white. amazing how much punishment it can take tbh
  3. It is a hell of a place, things that bite and kill you on land and things that bite and kill you in the sea
  4. Ohhh My God !!! Thats was one hungry fish...
  5. Are you sure that there isn't one of these still alive?

  6. well according to wiki its not unknown for a great white to hit 20ft so its entirely possible
  7. dont fancy a quick surff lesson in that area :)
  8. I heard Vanessa Feltz likes fresh seafood...
  9. That REALLY looks painful 8O poor little fishie!!
  10. We're gonna need a bigger boat...
  11. Time to get my old Jaws video out again!
  12. Crikey! After a quick look about the t'interweb, apparently it's not that uncommon for sharks to eat other sharks.

    Also found this bizarre thing on wiki answers

  13. Orca whales are found in Aussie waters, perhaps a couple of those played 'catch' with it.
  14. Could be. Although the bite mark looks too small for Orca's. Orca's when hunting other whales and sharks, always eat the tongue so I've been told, so I'd imagine the face to be nibbled on too...

    *Takes brainiac costume off.
  15. Perhaps it was that giant-octopus thingy..or was it a mega-squid?