monster of war

on our local news last night (bbc spotlight south west) ex cpl webster light infantry says he became "a monster of war" after dealing with rioters and the like in iraq and abused prisoners becaues of it. We try to understand the pressure the PBI are under on ops and the mental damage which can happen to some lads, but is he right to drag it all up again to exersice his own demons, poor f**ker if he is suffering. Not long ago he wrote an open letter to the local rag asking for people to join up as it was great in the L I now he is a member of some stop the war gang and says he is sorry for what went on out there but does it just make more trouble for the others still serving out there to keep dragging this up, we all know that extremists love this type of thing.i think he should seek help and not from the press

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