Monster Hangovers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Draft Dodger, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. whats the longest you've felt hungover for? this is day four and i still feel a bit sick.

    i think i may have had a drink out of a dirty glass.
  2. I know of a medic who used to put himself on a saline drip when he had a monster hangover, cured it every time !
  3. i was thinking of the drip back on sunday when fluids were not an option (managed a few drinks sunday afternoon but then the 4 1/2 hour train journey put paid to that. the horror, the horror.)
  4. Send Ord_sgt a PM he's the expert.
  5. surely he wont be awake yet
  6. He's in front of BST.
  7. Best way to avoid hangovers..

    Stay drunk!!!
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  8. Did you have a good night on the lash though?

  9. 100% oxygen for 10 mins. Trust me, it's a winner.
  10. About 4 days after drinking industrial alcohol in a punch. Some silly twat had put in Methyl rather than Ethyl (or vice versa, I forget) alcohol.

    It wasn't too reassuring when he saw me 2 days later and said 'thank fuck for that - you should be dead".
  11. afternoon, night, afternoon (possibly morning), night and afternoon (although sunday afternoon was not at full attack speed).

    i've got a stag do in bristol this wkend as well.....
  12. I've heard the same too.
  13. It could also be a tumor. Food for thought...
  14. Three days of end to end fun, chundering, with my arse hanging off, in then war torn Sanski Most having drunk most of a crate of 15% roadside Pivo, a bottle of local white wine and half a bottle of homemade "lemon vodka." I don't know whether it was the rat poison in the vodka, the anti freeze in the wine. The pivo was OK, I necked loads of that with no serious problems, except bouts of blindness, balance disorders and loss of speech.
  15. Or meningitis....