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Monster Hangovers

i was thinking of the drip back on sunday when fluids were not an option (managed a few drinks sunday afternoon but then the 4 1/2 hour train journey put paid to that. the horror, the horror.)
About 4 days after drinking industrial alcohol in a punch. Some silly twat had put in Methyl rather than Ethyl (or vice versa, I forget) alcohol.

It wasn't too reassuring when he saw me 2 days later and said 'thank fuck for that - you should be dead".
Three days of end to end fun, chundering, with my arse hanging off, in then war torn Sanski Most having drunk most of a crate of 15% roadside Pivo, a bottle of local white wine and half a bottle of homemade "lemon vodka." I don't know whether it was the rat poison in the vodka, the anti freeze in the wine. The pivo was OK, I necked loads of that with no serious problems, except bouts of blindness, balance disorders and loss of speech.
It could also be a tumor. Food for thought...
i'm pretty sure if i had stomach cancer i could've evacuated it with all the spewing i managed on the train north.

it was on of the high speed ones that tilt side to side as they move into the corners and once i got it into my head that this was like the motion of a boat it was game over.

i've had alcohol poisoning a couple of times in the past but for standard hangovers this one certainly seems to have legs.

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