Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bloodforblood, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. Right so here it is; on leave; getting pissed and have Mrs Bloodforblood in the garden with her bezza. All my mates are away in sunnier climes so can't even rally a like minded fella to get on the lash with me............. any ideas??
  2. Stab them both in the throat then sell their body parts on EBay. (After you've video'd yourself whacking man juice up their dung trumpets of course).
  3. Get some new mates - your's fcuked off and left ya - and then Stab them both in the throat then sell their body parts on EvilBay.
  4. Get them pi55ed and go for it!

  5. Unfortunately in this environmentaly friendly age in which we live we only use roll ons ahem!
  6. Go into the garage, sharpen an axe and demand they fist each other and gush over each others tits while you get smashed on eight ace and asbach.

    Failing that Shane Ritchie is on Sky one, so you could spend the evening putting the tele back together after the rage inducing cnut makes you kick fcuk out of it
  7. Fair one, but any alternatives to Tina?
  8. I have happily resorted to throwing coals at the pair of them whilst ensuring i get drunk enough to comfortably pass out on the carpet in a puddle of p*ss by 2330. For your support gents I thank you