Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. just wondering, do civvie convictions bar you from joining/transferring to the corp???
  2. Had enough of being steely eyed dealer of death already??? Wait until uou pick up, it gets better and you do less stagging on.
  3. nah i dont want to transfer yet like

    i wouldnt mind doin CP though further on down the line...
  4. Depends on the conviction.....what did you do?
  5. I wouldn't join them with the intention of going CP as you might not just be able to get in. You may end up doing drink drivers at JHQ for the next 10 years.

    However I am not the knowledge box on this subject so i'll shut up. Stick it out in the inf. You know you want to finish up your career with a bayonet on your belt, fcuked knees, no hair and two divorces.
  6. 1 x pissed up me + gobby cnut = me in court for abh

    theyre nearly spent.
  7. Here - no-one told me I was entitled to two divorces - someone else must have had mine. :?

    Got the rest though (and only as a STAB!)

    Back on thread - my Grandaddy got into the MMP after a problem while in CivPol (he was found not guilty, we're told) - but as it was 1916, perhaps they were less choosy? Probably depends what you've done?

    Happy 2008 to y'all

  8. yeah i dont mind the inf, but not sure if i could stick it out long term

    at the mo i have no intention of leaving after my first 4 are up..
  9. Get a tape up in the inf, preferably two. Its something nobody can take away from you and its always useful to fall back on. SCBC qualified will always look good on your CR when you ask the organ grinder to take you on. Plus as monkey your going to have to spend YEARS as a full screw so you may aswell do it on the better wages you have transferred over with.
  10. You need an 'Exemplary' recommendation if you're transferring.

    You will be subject to a Criminal Background check anyway.
  11. Got caught.

    I know, coat waiting.
  12. I'll check with regards to your situation and transferring to the RMP, and PM you with further advice if you want.

    If you intend to VT to the RMP with the intention of purely doing CP (I'll quit with the acronyms now), you will be dissapointed. Obviously, you'll first get posted to a General Police Duties company, and if you're lucky, and manage to convince your boss, you may get a shot at the course.

    Even after this, you may not deploy for some time, depending on the current OP requirements, and you will be doing Policing in the periods inbetween.

    In other words, CP is a perk of being in the RMP, however if you are not interested in Policing, then do not bother even thinking of transferring - you will not enjoy it, as you cannot stay in the CP world forever.

  13. Oh I don't know, there are still a few career Cpl's kicking around who had a damn good try :p
  14. True on the length of time as a full screw part, but RMP are on the higher band. Well up to Sgt anyway.

    Back to the original point, I transfered and I had some Minor Previous Convictions. I'm not an expert, but I think that it is decided on a case by case basis.
  15. That is why no one has any respect for the RMP. They recruit criminals to try and maintain law and order? You are joking.