Monkeys on the rampage


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An investigation is under way into how 30 chimpanzees escaped their enclosure at Chester Zoo, forcing its evacuation.

The primates found their way into a nearby keepers' area, where their food is usually prepared, on Sunday afternoon, the zoo said.

Although the area is secure, about 5,000 visitors were asked to leave the zoo site as a security measure.

Zoo director general Gordon McGregor-Reid has apologised for the inconvenience to visitors.

The animal alert went out at 1240 BST after the chimpanzees were discovered in the kitchen area, Chester Zoo said.

How the animals came to leave their quarters is not known but they were not in an area accessed by the public.

The Zoo's blacksmith was visiting the area on Monday to examine the door latches.
Shamon Muthafukka

Rumours abound that they were ex-girlfirends desperate to pay their last respects to Whacko Jacko...
Mr McGregor-Reid said: "Somehow or other they got into the kitchen - it must have been the smell of the bananas or something like that."
That comment's not very pc, it is a prejudiced, stereotypical remark.

Maybe ages ago the U.S. trained and equipped them with lock picking tools, good thing they didn't get into the emergency gun cabinet or steal a plane.
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