Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BIPOLAR77, May 13, 2009.

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  1. To date I have seen advertised


    Powermonkey Explorer

    Solar Gorilla

    Power Gorilla

    Does anyone own any of these items and if so how do you rate them?
  2. I have the Explorer. Very neat bit of kit and saves having to carry loads of different charging cables etc around. The solar charger is a bit of a con I reckon but might make you feel you were doing your bit for green world. The service one gets from the company that makes them is very good - I wanted a tip I couldn't see listed and asked. Got a neat reply in very short time. I'd buy another one.
  3. Explorer is very good indeed, get 2 ipod and 2 mobile phone charges out of a full explorer charge, tend to agree with the comment about the solar charger too
  4. I have had no problem using the solar charger both in Afghanistan and now in Oman. Other than that the service is great i ordered some tips and they arrived the next day. Also on their website put in the code troops at the checkout and you get £30 off the power monkey explorer. It all comes in a neat case as well.
  5. cheers guys placing an order now
  6. Another USP for anyone in the market is that it avoids having to remember and carry plugs for every bit of kit that needs leccy. Just the wire to the 'battery' and then to relevant tip. All goes into a nice bag. Good service too.