Monkey security

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. One supposes that the Indian security police have heard of top cover.

    "We have been asked to keep a close watch on any movement in the trees" said Jayanta Das, a student at Shantiniketan, near Calcutta, where Mr Singh was presiding over the convocation of the Visva Bharati University.
    "We have also been instructed to shake the trees from time to time to ensure that all is fine," he added.
  2. He looks like that Indian chappie from "Ain't Half Hot Mum"
  3. That is the picture caption in the above article, my bold.

    This is presumably where that insightful thought drew it's inspiration from- again, my bold:

    Can you really 'quote' your own opinions? Is that allowed? Does the use of the apostrophes in the caption not suggest that they are reporting someone elses opinion? It's 'not really on'..... in my opinion.

    Otherwise, good drills. Get the little sh1ts doing something useful. At least they aren't out robbing innocent tourists while they're stuck up a tree.

    I could also probably make a slightly racist 'monkeys' joke, but I won't. :wink: