Monkey Security

A CRACK team of monkeys have been deployed to provide security for athletes at the Commonwealth Games in India.
Athletes have been plagued by packs of wild rhesus monkeys breaking into buildings and stealing from their rooms at the games in New Delhi.

Organisers have now hired a team of 40 large grey langur monkeys to chase off their smaller cousins in an effort to keep buildings safe.

Also, a snake charmer has been employed to rid the city of snakes and a team of Cowboy's have been brought on board in case some farmers drive their cattle through the city...

Monkeys to guard athletes | The Sun |News

Only the Sun could put the words 'Crack' and 'Monkey' together in one sentence.
Too early for an RMP comment?
A "crack" team? All female then are they?


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I thought this was the run up to a really shit joke and I had a witty tumbleweed picture ready to post and everything, then I saw the link to the Sun and it all made sense.

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