Monk test

The head Abbot of the monastery wanted to check how strong his monks are in resisting temptetion.

He called three of them to his room, and ordered them to tie a small bell on the end of their cocks.

After that, he went to the first guy and showed him a picture of a gorgeous naked girl.

"Ding Ding", went the bell and the Abbot was furious: "You call yourself a monk ... you are as weak as a baby!".

He went then to the second guy and showed him a cover of a dirty porn DVD.

"Ding Ding", went the bell.

"You are a disgrace! get out of my sight!".

Almost in complete dispair, he went to the third monk and showed him a cover of a porn-magazine. There was silence.

"My son, you are the only man here worthy of being called a monk", the head of the monastery said, while putting his arm round his shoulder.

"Ding Ding", went the bell.
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