Monitoring Weight Gain and Bullying

A female soldier, let's call her Bob, has joined my section. She's recently been released from Bordon and is currently on remedial PT because she is unable to run 500 metres without stopping and regularly falls out of the group during a slow run - although she can pass a PFA.

Photos of her in basic show a slim-looking version of the lard bucket. Not to be sexist, there are plenty of young, obese male soldiers at my unit but these are mostly RAC and not my concern.

Further prying reveals that she spends the majority of her spare time drinking copious amounts of german beer and consuming pretzels by the dozen.

The problem is that we are deploying next year and I don't want a liability in my section. I've got a feeling that she is intentionally heading towards being non-deployable and it shouldn't be too long before an injury arises that leads to her becoming permanently downgraded.

Everytime I see her 5 foot frame, expansion has taken place.

Would it be seen as bullying if I brought a set of scales into work so as to monitor her weight gain?
No, you would simply be showing your concern for her health. And everyone else's!
You're in the Naafi, are you expecting a serious answer?
I'm fairly sure you can't weigh her as you're not (I'm assuming) a medical type. You could ask her what she weighs but it would be up to her whether she wants to tell you or not. You could refer her to the MO, I suppose?

As it's the NAAFI, have you considered kicking her back doors in on a regular basis to work the weight off her?
Maybe it's a reaction to your continual pestering her for sexual favours!
I can't imagine you could get away with weighing her alone without it being seen as some for of victimisation. The solution would be to get the entire section in and weigh them together.

Once you've crossed that barrier, you can introduce the question of communal showers.
Just groom and shag, you don't really care if she is a munter do you?
Remove the chocolate biscuits off your desk when you do her in the office!
the answer is simple- make her go ontop! I heard one woman lost 200 lbs that way.
We're assuming you've spoken to her and told her that she's rapidly becoming a waste of rations and you're going to do everything you can to get her kicked out if she doesn't buck up?
Obviously this is a subject close to my heart as Im a fat knacker, however this is what the agai system is for,
before she gets an injury and is able to claim shes injured therfore its "Not her fault" agai her for, late on parade, smelling of alcohol therefore being drunk on duty,
shoddy kit christ theres loads more, I know this seems a bit much coming from a knacker but Ive done more than my fair share of tours and still have some to go, its people like her who get the fat workers a bad name.
However this is the NAAFI so,

Stop leaving your buttys on your desk while you smash her back doors in.
Shes obviously grazing away whilst you cant see from behind her large arrse!
Give her a printout of that 'Getting rid of fat useless shites and removing medical probs out the Army' briefing we had not long ago and explain that there wont be compo or pension if it's due to lard.

WTF - this is the NAAF!...

...Dry bum her!
My boxing trainer used to weigh us every morning before beasting and bullying us; he was a proper twat; but the weight came off us. And nearing our fight, he took the border-line cases home with him and they lived with his family in their FQ so he could keep an eye on them (I wasn't one of the lardy boxers; so I didn't have the pleasure).

Do the same to your section.

I fucking hate fat people!

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