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OK tech heads. Here is one for you, I half know the answer but for the life of me can't find it again.

This comes from the Karl Winn thread that has been binned. One of our clever users had a link that if you typed in the IP or web address of a site it would list what they have been looking at.

Obviously, this is for a test of my own security and also will do well as a checker for when the child goes away with their netbook to make sure that they are behaving - anyone got the link pse?
You don't mean this? :?

You mean that, if one knows someone's IP address, one can find out the history of URLs of every single page they have visited? :omfg:


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Bovvy - close but not it. Thanks though. There is a site out there that does exactly what you have asked. I watched with interest yesterday from my handheld device and when I got home found that the Mods had pulled the thread, which had the handy link on it!
You mean the "data miner" tool?

I think Aunti Stella posted something about it.

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