Monitor playing silly buggers!

Guru's, your help is required.

I have a HP w1907 monitor, and the thing has started to play silly buggers.

It basically keeps switching itself off!!

On initial boot, all windows stuff and splash screens are visible.

Then it gets to the log in screen................Then all goes black!

I switch the thing off and back on again and the screen is visible for about 3 seconds!! Then goes off.

That is whats happening all the time, I have taken all cables and bits n' bobs out of the tower and tried re-booting with just the monitor and mouse plugged in..........No Joy.

Tried a different monitor and it works ( Before you say use that monitor instead!! I borrowed the other monitor from a mate).

So before I batter the the shite out of it, any advice would be appreciated.

Does this sound repairable or am I looking at a new monitor?

Also, would the cost of repair (if anyone knows what the likely problem is) not be worth it and to just get a new monitor.

Oh, the thing is only 18 month old so it can't have died already! Can it?

Any help appreciated fella's

Cheers N_W
Speak to whoever you purchased it from, and see if it's under warranty.
Sounds like it's fucked.

What's the warranty on it? If still in date just have it exchanged. If not, you are better of buying a new one than having it fixed.

Smudge, Gym Princess: Cheers, but the warranty is out of date. (note to self, get the extended one
next time!!!!!)

MSR: I have tried the monitor on a different Computer and the same thing happens. I tried a
different monitor on my Tower and it worked. So at least the PC aint FUBAR!

Polar: No mate the monitor still goes man down even when I go F12 or Del to get into the settings.
Not a computer problem from what I can assertain, it looks like the monitor.

Cheers for the replies fella's and fellette.

I'm a tight arsed Northern bugger so I am loathe to shell out on something new if can be fixed. :D

Cheers N_W

As a scaley ICS geek, I have come across this problem countless times before. Sometimes it can be attributed to a faulty video card but as you have tried another monitor which works it rules this out. Have you tried a different power cable? Chances are it is a fault with the actual mointor of which it is normally cheaper/easier to buy a new one raher than have it fixed.


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Sounds like something is shorting out with something to do with the login screen etc providing the stimulus to what ever it is that is buggered. Essentially, it's fucked as the gym princess said. Warranty or new one are your options.
Often a video card problem as stated or shorting. Sometimes you can keep a monitor like this going by putting a fan at the back and blowing air through the vents at the back. It stops the bits of metal that are buggered from overheating.

Apologies for general technical biffness.
Cheers for all the tips fella's,

Tried all the tips. Changed all the gubbins, tried different Cables and tried a different monitor on my PC etc.
All to no avail. It seems the thing has piled in.

Other monitor has worked no drama on Pc, so had to be a monitor problem.

So I had to bite the bullet and bought a new one, not the same model though.
Seeing as the shelf life on the HP was tonk!

Thanks again ARRSE Tipsters.

Cheers N_W
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