Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DjDangle, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Gave some of the guys a lift home on Sunday, cleaned out my car an hour ago and found a live round there :eek: I'm pi**ed because I'm careful about such things. Damn mong obviously found it while in my car and dumped it there.

    Seriously though, am I going to be held accountable for it? I can't get down my tac till tuesday, what am I supposed to do with it?
  2. Remember the declaration you gave? Hand it in to a responsible NCO and nothing more MAY be said.
  3. Your'e f*cked. Kill yourself

    If that doesn't work drop it off at the local plod. 'Ask no questions' amnesty is on going.
  4. pop it in the amnesty box,empty locked ammo box with hole drilled in top.
  5. keep a hold of it, take it in next time your in(not 3 months from now) hand it to a responsible SNCO or Officer and explain your circumstances. He/she should take it from you, nod politely and thank you for your honesty and then go through the due process to repatriate said round with it's friends in the magazine.

    Job jobbed.
  6. 1) Place in vice.

    2) Invite someone you don't like to stand in front of vice.

    3) Hit the back of the round with a nail.

    4) Hide the body.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Hope you dont actually try that, It'll more than likely be your body that needs hiding.
  8. 1. Split log, table leg or other suitable piece of wood into halves.

    2. Whittle out cavity and insert round.

    3. Glue halves, containing round, back together.

    4. Place in cupboard until beginning of November.

    5. Hand to first collector of scrap wood for Cubs' / Brownies' etc. bonfire.

    6. Remember not to attend that particular bonfire.
  9. Hand it in at the local plod shop. Say you found it. No questions. Done
  10. What he said. Sods law you get the NCO on a bad day and he'll mark your card. Civi plod don't give a sh1t and really won't know who you are.
  11. And that sort of attitude is why squaddies have boxes of the stuff at home.

    Hand it in to your unit, they know how to get rid of it.

    If there is an NCO who wants to take it further then he's not worth the stripes on his chest.
  12. Pull out the pointy bit with pliers.
    Empty out the powdery stuff inside.
    Replace pointy bit and crimp so it is secure.
    Drill hole through sides at the bottom.
    Thread a chain through.
    At your next unit function wear it round your neck with an open shirt as a cool fashion accessory.
  13. Twist the round off the cartridge/case with a pair of pliers. The pliers are the same ones you borrowed to put your webbing together but forgot to return.

    Pour the propellant into a small brown coloured plastic medicine bottle. Put lid on and keep with your brew kit.

    Next time the hexy won't light, pour a LITTLE on to the hexy. Then light at arms length.

    DON'T do this next to your face.

    Or you could always follow the sensible advice given by previous posters. :D
  14. I first thought this thread was going to be about RLC drivers...
  15. You in the RLC then?