Mongs using war memorial as al fresco drinking establishment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. I was walking to the bus station this evening, from the railway station, after working late. The direct route is past the war memorial, a fine piece of civic architecture, located next to the library and museum.

    The town is Kirkcaldy, birthplace of the Dear Leader Dr Brown, and the home of probably the largest collection of feckless mongs and subsidy junkies east of Glasgow. Some of their forbears set a somewhat different example, and their sacrifice is commemorated by the war memorial. The photo below is the smaller WW2 one, the large WW1 is behind the photographer.


    I occasionally pick up cider bottles despoiling the memorial and throw them to one side but tonight I saw two of the mongs using the plinth on the right of the photo as an impromptu bar to support their carry out. They were leaning against it, swigging away. A fleeting thought crossed my mind about how satisfying it would be to kick the carryout off the plinth and lay into them, but the prospect of being stabbed or arrested for carrying out one's civic duty led me to the nearby police station, a minute's walk away. I asked the desk sergeant if he could send someone to lift them or move them on, and was amused when a drunkard in the waiting room accused me of being a "grass" and was verbally slapped down by the desk sergeant - the feckless sh!t will probably die of a drink or drug related illness in the very near future which is some consolation.

    I took a walk back up a little while later and the mongs had gone, so they had either been moved on or had moved themselves along.

    The question is, of course: how to get the outrage bus fuelled up and ready to go to encourage the civic authorities and police to take a more pro-active interest in this wanton neglect? Rounding up every chav in town for summary execution would probably be frowned upon, so measures short of this are likely to be more realistic.
  2. Could you fix up one of those high-pitched sonic things that only people under 25 (as the ability to hear high frequencies deteriorate after that age) can hear?
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Good idea, and we could add a few off our lads recently back in from the Stan as bait, give them a few tinnies and have them hang around the memorial. They of course probably wouldn't suffer from the pain associated with these devices on the grounds that their hearing is fcuked!
  4. "What?"

    A letter to your MP, Council authority, Chief Constable (Complete with thankyou for the desk sergeant so he knows your on side) and anyone who will recieve letters.

    Do what you can mate - Its a noble cause.
  5. Meanwhile, in a reality where the police have other things to do other than stop chavs resting their can on inanimate objects, this thing works
  6. I'd be happy to take time out of my day to move the fcukers on - Even my own time. Can't think of many I know who wouldn't.
  7. Assuming they are youths

    Anti Social Behaviour
    Drinking in Public
    Youths drinking in public
    Youth Disorder
    Spoiling memorials

    All are in the press at the moment a fair bit and would look good in some bosses promotion application to say amongst other "Current" offences he's got good examples of tackling it in his/her area.
  8. You'd get done by the Plod for infringement of the little dears' Human Rights....or something.
  9. Does anyone know the frequency it operates at. I would just like to use it when the older scroted are fing aqnd blinding in the playpark near my house. I would not want it on all the time as the little kids cause no trouble.
  10. Your lucky that only a few use the memorial as a drinking den. The cenotaph in Paisley is used as a skateboard ring, lunch stop, drinking den and general play area for 100's of people every week. They really get on my nerves and the drunken adults are worse than the kids. Lunch time finds everyone sitting on the steps stuffing their gubs but remind them they are sitting on a memorial and its like "so what" Arrgh!!!!!!

    this should link to the photo
  11. What happened to giving them all a good slapping? Skegness is full of em and not one of them have the balls to carry. In all my handings and handed too's, the police have never interfered either (except one fight which kicked off just outside a school). Just give them the old "Oi! Did you give my 15 year old sister/daughter a raggin?" line and then stand to! :D
  12. Hull chavs are their own worst enemies.

  13. Result!, who said CCTV was useless?
  14. Eee those things are bloody annoying.

  15. Approx -10-10/20 db( HL)