Mongs on the box. Now! BBC2

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by asmallbrownduck, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. As per tiltle.

    Game on!
  2. I just got the last 3 mins, fackin hilarious! :eek:
  3. One of my Fathers friends has a daughter who is retarded, she would some times come to the pub on a Sunday and tell us all about her day trips to fun fairs, the seaside, flicks. She had more of a social life then the rest of us.
    Each time I saw her she had put on more weight, she loved her ice cream.
    I think she married another retard.
  4. I know Pioneers can be slow but that is a bit below the belt.
  5. qoute::Each time I saw her she had put on more weight:::

    thats probably the sperm growing from the carers

    the best thing about retards is they moan all the time!!!

    deeper baby!!

    i once went out with a girl with spina bifida and the only reason i did was she could really get those legs apart!!!!

    walked like a crab but hey!!!

    even found her smingy cripple cacks behind her radiator!!!

    they dont smell any differant to normal green cacks but it was scientific learning!!!!!
  6. For those of you who missed it a repeat can be found on the BBC site, here.

    Quality television from the BBC!
  7. Cheers for that, it has brightened up my evening but leaves me dreading what the offspring would be like. Some kind of uber-mong?
  8. Terrible how you lot find it ok to laugh at these spastics.
  9. Subtitles too . Well done the BBC

    Why is it mongs only seem to find other mongs sexually attractive :?

  10. funny cos i thought the same thing.
    They must have such a warped brain that he must look like brad pitt to her and she must be stunning!!

    i thought it was inspiring!! i'm now fully inspired to shoot the next retards i see that even mention having baby monsters! :D

    I cannot believe the parents can live knowing they should have coathanger`d the pair of them when they found out the scan photo was very wrong!

    i did like the bit where she said "if he puts it in"
    god did i shudder!

    poor sod must be brimming with deformed spunk bags,i bet he has some stashed mags under his bed..

    f*cktards monthly or playtard or dribble when gurning...

    its not like he is going to have normal mags with normal fit hotties in!!

    i can imagine it now "why have you got thhheeesssee iiiiisssss it kkkos they are ppropper hummaans"

    sterilise at birth so the rest of us can play without any monster buns in the oven. :twisted:
  11. I did think the mong version of Strictly Come Dancing was amusing :p
  12. judging by the excitement focused on the telly id hate to have my knob in her mouth when she started flailing:)