mongs guide to VTC

a friend of mine needs to make up a mongs guide to VTC having never done the course or used the bloody thing it seems slightly hard

anyone got a cheat sheet on vtc?

simple procedures? common faults?

any help appreciated

What system is he using?

Is it DFTS managed service or self dial?

Whats it connected to ? ISDN or into an IP core network?

etc, etc.

We've got 3 systems at our loc and they are all different manufacturers and connect to varying equipments and communications systems. I always find the best way to knock up an SOP for a piece of equipment is to read the documentation that came with it, practice using it and formulate some procedures from there.
The main systems I've seen over the past year or so have been Sony and Tandberg. Both can be either ISDN (H.320) or IP (H.323). Generally the ISDN ones are more of a pain in the arrse as they take longer to set up, where the IP ones just sit on a LAN like posh computers. I believe that LAND's systems are in a refresh at the moment and they are swapping out Sonys for Tandbergs for some reason (definitely not any dodgy dealing), so perhaps there's some slack in the system for getting old buckshee ones for training? Maybe somebody from 10 Sigs or 243 Sqn could advise if this is the case.

If it's those Sony ISDN VTCs then the JTFHQ Sig Sqn guys at Bramcote are all over it like a rash - usually the techs. If it's Tandberg IP VTCs then PM me as I know a lad who has been doing eqpt trials recently and he has lots of info. regarding setting up gateways, gateeepers and all that. I saw him do a multi-way conference which involved 2 x VTCs in Trg Wing (one ISDN, one IP) and IP VTCs in London and Oslo all interconnected through Tandberg's 'hub'. They were all at different speeds and were using collaboration tools to bring up powerpoint presentations and all sorts of cool stuff. Dead smart. But expensive!
PoisonDwarf said:
If it's those Sony ISDN VTCs then the JTFHQ Sig Sqn guys at Bramcote are all over it like a rash - usually the techs.
PD, That regt you asked about (1-2 months ago), has Sony ISDN VTC and its IS Eng sorting it out.
Ring the VTC bridge at PJHQ i think that is run by RAF SAC,every time ive had problems bridging a VTC conf they have bent over backwards to help. But as stated in earlier posts its very dependant on what system you are using. Ive got VTC idiots guides for a few that i have come accross but each one is different PM me if you would like some info.

Happy :)
I've used the Sony stuff for a bit. Once the network and router configs are set up (which really belongs to the IS mob), it is a piece of urine to use, and is pretty reliable. No doubt when the MoD approach Sony for costs, the salesman immediately stuck a 1 in front of all the figures! If you want to know more about setting up the Sony stuff, please feel free to drop me a PM.


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