Mongomania - can we survive it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Democritus, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Earlier today I was forced to endure 5 mins or so of some silly cow called Gerry(?) Halliwell, who I’m told is a pop singer, gobbing off on Radio 5. In that brief but impressively ungrammatical period she must have used the phrase “you know” at least 50 times, but one in particular stood out. It seems she’s ‘written’ a book, a character in which has a father who’s “an archaeologist, you know, an expert on dinosaurs”. Hmmm. Funnily enough, I didn’t “know”, though I suppose I should be grateful that she was even able to pronounce the word in the first place.

    Is there any hope for the country while mongs like this are not only tolerated but even lionized, and not just by ‘the media’? I’ve no problem with daft teenagers (I was one myself once) worshipping these knowledge-free zones (BTW, has Prescott taken up pop singing yet?), but it really worries me when supposedly responsible grown-ups take them seriously as well. I frequently get puzzled looks from perfectly intelligent people when I show my profound ignorance of – and utter lack of interest in – the ‘stars’ of TV soaps, ‘reality’ shows and pop noise. It now seems to be taken for granted, and not just in chav circles, that these spectacularly ignorant people actually have something interesting to say. I switch channels, as soon as anything appears on the news about African starvation, before some unwashed, foul-mouthed drug-ridden moron gives me the benefit of his inane opinions. And any day now I expect to hear Beckham airing his views on string theory (though he probably thinks that’s something to do with his wife’s underwear, worn by him or otherwise).

    I think the rot, in this as in so much else, started with Wilson, who handed out gongs to the Beatles in a cynical attempt to win yet more oik votes; 40 years later we had Blair’s take on the same ploy, cramming No 10 with smelly, slack-jawed cretins (of the non-political variety, that is) for photo-shoots. To be fair, Clown seems to have eschewed this course of action so far, though even he will probably adopt it as a panic measure come election time. But political exploitation dressed as approval bestowed a veneer of respectability on ‘celebs’ that now seems dangerously ingrained in the national psyche. And, watching all this from the shadows, a certain ‘community’ sits licking its lips, convinced that it sees a society ripe for plucking, and counting the days to the Great Enforced Conversion. OK, chavs and politicians have always grubbed around in the poo, but has ordinary, decent Middle Britain also sold its soul to the gods of Stupidity and Vulgarity? And, if so, is there any way back?
  2. No, we're all doomed. Last one out get the light, will you?
  3. Well said Democritus. I share your sentiment entirely.

    If you have been into any major newsagent recently and taken in the amount of pointless magazines compared to anything slightly educational, and glanced across the front pages of every newspaper in search of anything worthy of news, then a visiting alien would notice at once that everything is funnelled towards a very simple form of British species.

    Newspapers, magazines, TV programs sums up British mainstream culture and thiose fueling it are uneducated, pointless fools who are amazingly making mega bucks from it.

    Beside me is a Sunday supplement with Nancy (Svens ex) on the front trying to look younger than her worn out years. The headline reads, 'Fine-Feathered Nancy. Me, men and life after Sven. We Shoot, She Scores'. The fact that they split seemingly years ago and that the media still think we need to be told about it brought it home to me how irrelevent and dull life is in Britain. No, there is no way back from this.
  4. That's no way to talk about the ex of a future Liberal Prime Minister! Sven will be after your blood any minute now! :lol:

    But, seriously, I'm afraid I share your pessimism. I think it'll take a major war, or great economic hardship, to bring this country back to its senses. Perhaps we're already seeing the start of one of those ...
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    You and me both. I also regularly get accused of putting on an act when I explain that I genuinely do not know who these people are. It’s particularly annoying when people try to explain who someone is by saying things like:

    Mong: “She plays ‘x’ in Eastenders”.

    Me: Blank look

    Mong: “And she was in Holby City”

    Me: Continuing blank look.

    Mong: “She had a number six hit with ‘Generic Europop Pish’”

    Me: Shake of the head.

    Mong: “She was on the front cover of Crap Celebmag!”

    Me: Walks slowly away, shaking my head at the state of the world.

    It really is very galling that these are the only frames of reference that the majority now seem to have.
  6. Well said Demo, I just can't believe we even tolerate the likes of these talentless morons. Blood pressure goes through the roof when the likes of Posh Spice is on TV gobbing off as usual........... :evil:
    Well maybe not gobbing of per se' as I bet she couldn't string a coherent sentence together.......... :roll:
  7. Democritus, you are sadly accurate and war or economic collapse are the only two routes as 02thief suggest.

    I think a combination of factors has driven the change, television; acceptance of poorer quality but cheaper goods and more money in general leading to a throw-away society; 'rights,' the right to 'choice' in particular. Labour have certainly been at the heart of the change.

    I haven't the energy to get into a major rant at the moment, however I shall pass comment on one thing that has got me recently.... Has anyone else been struck by the advertising of Sky TV's 'Heros Season'? Their suggested 'heros' are drawn from footballers, actors, celebs and other non-entities, people whose only contribution has (or in some cases has not :evil: ) been to swell Gordons coffers with tax from over-inflated salaries for doing cock-all; certainly not risking death or grevious injury in the hope of saving the lives of a stranger. No mention of soldiers, combat medics, lifeboat crews, SAR crews, any people who might genuinely have earnt the description. Just another illustration of the rot, as though it was needed.

    Mongmania could be survivable but time is short - a far reaching war (touching the vast majority of civ pop directly) to re-order priorities; a massive economic collapse to re-order priorities. If we have to wait too long then the march of the generations will surely stamp out the old ways. That said, even if there is something of a return to how it ought to be, I think the recovery from war or economic strife will lead back to the same, or worse, state of mong... so perhaps yes, we are rather buggered. :(
  8. My dear Democritus,
    More and more I have been asking the same question. "Is it just me or is the whole f*cking country going stark, staring mad?"
    I recently saw the following descriptions; the result of a poll of British yoof.
    Amy Shitehouse - Heroine.
    Pete Dogshittery - Hero.
    Says it all really. :evil:
  9. So it's not just me then?

    I cannot believe what passes as news nowadays: Deirdre Nobody has had another baby, Joe Nobody is still on drugs but not in prison, Mavis Nobody has shat herself in the street, pictures at 11.

    I'll follow you lads out and get the lights.
  10. Sixty,

    Everytime I get pulled into such a conversation I just say, "Candygram for Mongo!" and walk away.
  11. I have corrected what your spillchucker obviously missed. Happy to help.
  12. Democritus,

    Well said. I totally agree. Only Radio 4's today programme and the occasional News Night is decent, and then I'd shoot James Naughty & Kirsty Wark given the chance. Most radio and television is the lowest denominator for the brainless, where celebrity is more important than intellegence. The BBC should be prosecuted. They no longer Inform, Educate and Entertain, the Reathian principals.
  13. A subject very close to my heart. How the hell do these people get the air time, public exposure remains an utter mystery. It combines with the sound bite culture to produce a great deal of the vapid inane trash that is not coherent, and spouts out of the gobs of utter idiots who have no actual knowledge of what they are talking about.

    The rot reaches to the very top. I am not generally one for rants, I don't find them constructive, but I was challenged after a particularly vicious and heated attack on Cherie Blair, "...but she is a top barrister and has raised a family while continuing to work etc etc." My answer was to say that rather than think how great she is, it makes me despair that a person with such a complete and utter lack of judgement and an apparent willingness to fall for all of the astrology / crystal therapy / lifestyle guru crap can become a barrister in the first place. A barrister should surely have good judgement, objectivity, rationalism: qualities that are lacking by the cartload.

    We must advertise the ultimate "Reality" TV game. Every single person who wants to participate is sent to a small desert island in the middle of the pacific.


    Thats it.

    I suppose if after a year any of them are left alive they can keep the island. As long as they are forbidden from leaving it. This is far worse than a lack of education, this ignorance combined with literacy and education - it just...................I really can't begin to express my contempt for them and their readers and fans. I don't think I have ever used an emoticon before,

    and I won't now - none of them even come close.

    Gin - gin makes things a lot better. God help us. I have been contributing to a very interesting thread talking about global warming, financial crises, food shortages, peak oil, the lifespan of the Sun, and other serious issues. I now realise that this is the one greatest threat to the whole of humanity.

    SHEER FCUKING STUPIDITY will get the lot of us.

    I feel no better for that whatsoever.
  14. Well unfortunately Geri Halliwell may be a mong - but shame is she is a rich mong, and we can all thank the kids who helped her get there.
  15. That Pacific island with all the mongs on... 1' AMSL - spring tide might be enough! ...or a bit higher so global warming gets them in a little while? ...or lift the Test Ban Treaty for one fabulous day? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: