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Mongolian Army

Be careful here, it's infectious and over exposure could lead to problems.

Ha! That's nothing, try this for size, they terrorised West Germany in the 80s. It was so bad that it spread to East Germany with the result that it caused chaos in the Soviet Forces. Modern Squawking was in fact the real reason for German re-unification. The Sovs simply gave up and went home.

Fast forward to 3:14 if you dare.

I'm happy to say that until today this band had completely escaped my notice. If only it had stayed that way.

I didn't think that there was anyone or anything that could make schlager sound good by comparison. I was wrong.
That could be the Donald's route into China, say to the Mongols I'll build you a wall and get China to pay for it
Does Mongolia not have an extradition treaty with the Septics then?
Until the rise of the TV Celeb travellers, just about all I learned about about Mongolia was from the film Destination Gobi (filmed in Arizona) which I first saw as a youngster.

It's become a favourite war film of mine; it's about a group of US Navy meteorologists who are running a weather station in the Gobi Desert who have to flee the advancing Japanese. When the the commander is killed, Richard WIdmark* has to lead them to safety.

One of the basic themes of the story is that Widmark decides to form the Mongol horsemen
into a formed cavalry unit and recalls that the US Navy has almost long forgotten store of old cavalry saddles which get retrieved from a depot and dropped them in Mongolia. much to the bemusement of the stores people, but to the delight of the horsemen.

All good entertainment of course, and fiction, but the US Navy did actually have a weather station on the edge of the Gobi desert

Thus it seems that they were able to give advance (about two days ) forecasts of weather in the Pacific theatre of operations- vital for carrier-borne sorties.

The organisation which they operated under was SACO, the Sino-American Cooperative Organisation. SACO. According to a book** about them , SACO had more than 70 weather stations spread from Mongolia to the South China Sea. The organisation, numbering some 2,500 also worked with 97,000 Chinese guerrillas to carry out sabotage, fight the Japanese and rescue downed US Airmen.

* My wife used to work in a bookshop which Widmark used to visit when in UK, she says he was quite a learned person who extended courtesy to all. A well respected man both on- and off-screen
** 'The Rice Paddy Navy' Linda Kush
Why are they doing this? That has not been stated, but I think it is a reaction to what the Chinese are doing in their part of Mongolia,
It begs the question that if writing Mongolian is so important to them now, why was Inner Mongolia the only place it was taught in schools for the past umpteen decades?

Surely Mongolia could have followed suit at any point since the Soviets left?
Don't look that scary to me.

Mongolia has the ultimate deterrent - its got fück all worth invading for.
Mongolia has the ultimate deterrent - its got fück all worth invading for.
Apart from vast untapped tracts of mineral resources and arable land.

It's a great getaway for claustrophobes too.
Apart from vast untapped tracts of mineral resources and arable land.

It's a great getaway for claustrophobes too.

Im not buying it, if that was the case the Chinese would be in there just like they are in Africa.

Its that bleak, barren and desolate that companies wont even dump their toxic waste there.
I must say, I've always wanted to go to Mongolia. Not in the winter though; it's proper Baltic, and the locals over-reliance on cheap coal for heating makes Ulaanbataar a very polluted city.
Apart from vast untapped tracts of mineral resources and arable land.

It's a great getaway for claustrophobes too.
This is a bit of a late reply, but I just came across this thread. There is a very big mining industry in Mongolia.

At the bottom of this post is a list of mines that I found, along with the country they are headquartered in. Just below however is a summary of mines by country of foreign investor. You can see that two thirds are owned by Canadian or Australian companies. By revenue I believe the really big player which controls the biggest chunk of the Mongolian economy is Turquoise Hill Resources (formerly Ivanhoe Mines) which is a Canadian company which happens to be 50% owned by the UK's Rio Tinto. The 3 Hong Kong companies might be Chinese owned, who are using a Hong Kong address for tax purposes and to avoid foreign exchange rules on overseas earnings. The pattern of ownership you see here is pretty typical across the mining industry in much of the third world.

  • CDN 15
  • AUS 12
  • HK 3
  • SG 3
  • USA 2
  • CZ 1
  • DE 1
  • FR 1
  • MGL 1
  • SUI 1
  • THAI 1
  • UK/AUS 1

  • Aspire Mining (AUS)
  • Banpu (THAI)
  • Mongolia Energy Corporation (HK)
  • Mongolian Mining Corporation (HK)
  • Nova Resources Ltd (SG)
  • Operta BBM (DE)
  • Prophecy Coal (CDN)
  • South Gobi Resources (CDN)
  • Terra Energy (AUS)
  • Tian Poh Resources (SG)
  • Viking Mines (AUS)

  • Canrim Resources (SG)
  • Rio Tinto (UK/AUS) [also Gold]
  • Turquoise Hill Resources (CDN) [also Gold, Coal; formerly Ivanhoe Mines]

  • Altan Rio Minerals (CDN)
  • Bayan Airag (AUS)
  • Entrée Gold (CDN) [also Copper]
  • Erdene Resource Development (CDN) [also Molybdenum]
  • Kincora Copper (CDN) [also Copper]
  • Meritus Minerals (CDN)
  • Naranmadal (AUS)
  • Steppe Gold (CDN)
  • Xanadu Mines (AUS) [also Copper and Coal]

  • FeOre (HK)
  • Haranga Resources (AUS)
  • Mongolian Resource Corporation (AUS)

  • Ion Energy (CDN)
  • Nova Mining Corp (USA)

  • Elixir Petroleum (AUS)
  • Manas Petroleum (SUI)
  • Wolf Petroleum (AUS)

Rare Earths
  • Blackridge Mining (AUS)

  • Northern Lights Resources (CDN)

  • Eumeralla Resources (AUS)
  • SS Mongolia (MGL)

  • Orano (FR) [former Areva]
  • East Asia Minerals (CDN)
  • Denison Mines (CDN)
  • Khan Resources (CDN)
  • Mongolia Forward (USA)
  • Solomon Resources (CDN)
  • Uranium Industry (CZ)
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