Mongol Rally

Hello fellas,

We're a bunch of utterly deranged student types from WUOTC and the West Midlands Regt with very little to do and are looking at entering this years Mongol Rally ( - the general gist of which is to drive from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in a car "that is considdered to be crap, with a maximum engine size of 1 litre"

For this we need to raise £1000 for several charities selected by the Mongol Rally itself, and we intend to donate anything we raise above and beyond this to the Army Benevolent Fund.

We are therefore currently trying to search the vast wastelands of the internet to find a suitable vehicle, preferably a pair of matching ones, so that our team can make it there without undue death.

We are currently looking at trying to get hold of some Suzuki SJ410s, as they are just about the only 1 litre 4x4 we can find, other than perhaps Fiat Pandas.

If anyone in the know about such things would be able to point us in the right direction with places to buy these things (we have been trawling ebay for a few days), or any suggestions fo what else might be a better vehicle.

The other main factor, is that being cheap students, we have a very limited budget, probably around £150 per vehicle. Infact part of the rules of the Mongol Rally is that the motor's meant to be below £100...


Tom, Tom, Tom and 1 kidney Mark
Oh and I so wanted this thread to be a "Does what it says on the tin" one...MLAAAARRRR!

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