Mong Watch!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo2nothing, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. No duff!

    I have just fallen from my drunken chair and witnessed a rare and 'beautiful' thing. I have seen a couple of gay mongs. I don't even know what the collective name for mongs are, let alone two gay mongs. I nearly asked them for a photo just to prove such a thing exists, I was in a state of shock.

    Be there no other mong watcher amongst us who has witnessed such a thing?
  2. A drool of mongs?
  3. Gay mong? Are you sure your eyes dont deceive you with drink? 8O
  4. Nice one Pikey ... nice one :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I believe the collective noun is a spack of mongs
  6. Bossy I sore it.....honest. Two gay mongs holding hands and licking each others drool. As I said, NO DUFF! I shall put up an OP to get photo evidence!
  7. Uuuugh Bravo. Its a wonder they don't drown each other when they're kissing.
  8. Did they both have head dobbers?
  9. :D F*cking Class! :D

    Reminds me of a story I heard years ago..

    A mate of mine used to work as a rehabilitation coach with people who had suffered serious head injuries. Some of his tales were the stuff of legend!

    One in particular springs to mind..

    Basically, the poor unfortunates who entered his establishment were, by and large, very successful people up to the point of their life altering incident/accident. This was a private care unit & as such only open to those with the means to afford it.

    The scene is set - imagine, if you will, some of the best business brains in the UK after a horrific trauma which so f*cked them up they required residential care until the day they died.

    Well, one of them did die, only not by his own hand.

    Apparently, a strange powerplay emerged between 2 of the inmates, one of whom had developed a severe need to f*ck anything he saw as a threat.

    It was approaching Christmas & things had been ramping up between the 2 for weeks. Dominance of the pool table being the order of the day. Anyway, matey boy was consistently coming off second best, so a cunning plot began to form in his brilliant yet shattered mind..

    'I'm gonna bum the f*cker!'

    And he did.

    Christmas morn, & my mucker awakes at the end of his shift looking forward to going home & spending the day with his family. Ah yes! Christmas. A time of peace & contentment for all. Well, not quite..

    Within seconds of getting up he was mobbed by the mllarring bam.
    'The turkey's in the oven! The turkey's in the oven!'

    Very good, thought my mate, this mong is strangely lucid today. Clearly he knows what day it is. Indulging his frantic requests, he followed Rocket Ron to their industrial kitchens to look at the dish of the day.

    Nothing could have prepared him for what came next..

    On opening the large oven he was confronted with the sight of our erstwhile 'former' pool champ. Naked, condom still hanging from his arrse & quite, quite.. dead.

    Err.. #999 .. 'Police please.. '

    Turns out he bummed him to death. Merry f*cking Christmas!

  10. Just out of curiosity, if a gay window-licker pinched your arrse, would that be a mongoose?

    "Are you free Mr Humphries?" "Milllaaarrrrrr!"
  11. Two gay mongs, does that not = Pet Shop boys.

    Therefore the collective would be a "Pet Shop couple"
  12. Ye Gods!!! I hope the aforementioned mllarring bam went to broadmoor.

    Makes yer eyes water just thinking about it 8O

  13. ... and at that very moment, somebody switches on the radio. The kitchen is filled with the sound of Slade singing 'So here it is, merry Christmas .... '
  14. Was it definitely the buggery that killed him, or was he cooked to death on gas mark 6?