Mong Tigers



Seeing as we cant talk about them in the other thread, anyone else got any pictures of syndrome animals to share?
You cruel bastards 8O He might be a spastic but he needs love too, and a lot of meat ...... cut up for him :p
hedgehog64 said:
Markintime said:
Whiskey_60 said:
scarletto said:
Whiskey-60 looks like that,seeing he is a Yorkshire twat :)
Fark off, I told you I look like a fierce Northern Lion not an inbred Cat.
Not a Cas Tiger then? Or a cougar from Keithley? Donkey from Donny?
Or a Humber bumber. :D Isn't nowt to do with Hull football club then?.
Hull FC? Cream mate. They're on TV tomorrow night against the Quins, watch and learn, watch and learn. ;)

Humber bummer? Nah, I'm from Laandaan innit.

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