Mong texts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spaz, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. I've just received this text from some random:

    Do your worst.
  2. Admit it. That's your number isn't it spaz
  3. Yeah I was just hoping for a photo of your angry hampton.
  4. Just sent this:

    "Oh babe, I'm sorry! Tomorrow cancelled. There's been a fire. Catch up tomorrow- tell Claire. x"

    Everyone has a friend called claire yes?
  5. She sounds like a real slaaaag. *rings*
  6. I got one the other day from a random person. No name, and couldn't recognise the number.

    "I met a girl on Facebook
    And followed her on Twitter
    I went to her house the next day
    And did her up the shitter"
  7. Stalking by phone demonstrates none of the finesse and skill of the true practitioner, there's no thrill after the successful stalk and none of the sensation of power, it's for amateurs and teenagers.
  8. I defer to your greater wisdom :D
  9. isn't that chubbs number?
  10. I got a text from some munter along the lines of "hi hndsm. cn u get a chinky on ur wy home".
    I texted her back and said "Get off your fat arse and get it yourself you fat pig".
    I hope her boyfriend really got it in the neck for that one.

    :D :D :D :D :D
  11. I once knew someone who got hold of their ex-girlfriends, new boyfriends mobile number.
    Then using a "Pay as you Go" Sim card registered in a name taken randomly off the voters registration, they sent him text messages pretending to be another girlfriend. They also texted the ex-girlfriend with another Sim card pretending to be one of the boyfriends mates "grassing" him up for cheating on her. Eventually his real girlfriend dumped him as she thought he was having an affair. :D

    Not that they were bitter about the original break up at all.

    P.S. You may all say I was the person doing it. But I couldn't possibly comment. :wink:
  12. Just sent from Oz: "Just heard I got the Armani contract, I am off to Milan on Mon, wish me luck. B." :D
  13. I still have this exchange on my phone from august.

    +447963638509: Hi Leon. Just wondered if there are any suitable opportunities around yet? Regards ruth start
    Me:hi Ruth, how big is your clack?
    +447963638509: Not sure i get the question?
  14. you get a LOT of random texts from people you don't know! Have you been writing your number on bog walls at truck stops?