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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. Come on then guys, most mong question you've ever been asked by one of the sprogs.

    My personal favourite has to be:

    Me: Ok then troops, the coach arrives at 5.15 on Friday to take you to Camp

    Cadet: Is that in the morning?

    I remember once we left on a Saturday, and some kid turned up a full 12 hours before everyone else at 7am!
  2. Mong question? "Can I have more ice cream and a balloon, mlaaar!"
  3. Sorry mate but the Army uses 24 hour clock.

    There is certainly one mong involved in the exchanges you relay.

    Fcuking clot.
  4. Lol.....I hold my hand up that I was probably licking the window on that occasion. The 12 hour incident was when I was a cadet however, not my fault then! :D
  5. How about:

    Cadet: Ma'am, can I share a basha with you? 8O

    Female officer: Er, no
  6. I was once asked what was the most mong question I've ever been asked by one of the sprogs.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Ill get my coat then.
  8. Class.

    I like people who know their limits.

  9. When I was in OTC and helping out with cadets, they kept on asking what is uni like at Sandhurst.
  10. Whilst manning a platoon attacks stand for a group of miniwalts I was approached by a young Walt who asked...

    "Will the enemy be using real bullets"

    I tutted in his general direction and replied.

    "Yes But they are really good shots and will only shoot over your head"
  11. One mong spacey pointed to my name badge on my smock and said:

    Cdt Inbred: What's that for, Sir?

    WALT: It's my name badge Cdt Inbred!

    (he then mouths Wuh-Ah-Luh-Tuh, proving he can at least read!)

    Cdt Inbred: So....(sound of brain cells popping and dying of exhaustion) Whats your name then, Sir?

    He is likely to make corporal in the next six months too!
  12. One I did laugh at was a cadet telling me the map symbol I was holding up was for Carniverous trees
  13. Instructor: We are running two camps in the next fortnight, one is £12.50 and the other is only £3.50
    Cadet: Siiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr..... how much is it for the £3.50 weekend please?

  14. Thats Priceless!
  15. Stop it! Stop it now!