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  1. This is a gruesome story from the bbc...

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  2. SD comment


    SD position sitting back waiting for attack
  3. I for one am sniggering with along with the medics :D

    If only the Beeb would use language like "monumental spaccer" :lol:
  4. Ace...

    'The mouse, which is a monumental spaccer...'

    Coffe, spray, monitor etc
  5. Jesus Christ! - nearly followed through! :D
  6. Well I for one am looking at the business opportunity this represents.

    Get these little f*ckers breeding, and hand 'em out to kids in the playground. Set up gladiatorial fights and sell miniature head dobbers with spikes on so the kiddies can "pimp their mong". Manufacture miniature ice cream cones and red balloons to initiate the Mouse Mong Wars (TM). The possibilities are endless!
  7. Awesome...

    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Mini-Mong-Mice Gladiators.

    Sh!ts on your Pokemon doesnt it?
  8. It doesn't stop at mice either... If these scientists get their fingers out I'm sure they could create other animal mongs. Imagine the spectacle of two mong shire-horses with seven foot sharpened head dobbers and balloons tied to their tails charging at each other, with speshully trained humongs riding them?

    I'm sure anyone would pay big money for that sort of floor show....
  9. Too much! Too much! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
    Nose bags filled with ice cream and fizzy pop!!!
  10. I'm sorry but that has to be the funniest thing since Convoy Cock's story of filling a condom with urine overnight at the new girlfriends to prevent swamping..... :D
  11. I think I've found a poster for the launch!!!

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  12. MONG BEAR!!!

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  13. This is also a way of encouraging kiddies to get involved in the sciences at school. Get 'em hooked on physics by working out the stresses on a head dobber being rammed into the gullet of Joey Deacon; chemistry can be made entertaining by calculating the exact amount of sugar needing to be added to icecream to turn a mongfluffy bunny-kins into a veritable facsimile of the ravening beast of Aargh.

    I wonder if you can do a GCSE in Mong Biology?
  14. Oh tears of joy are running down my face and the people arround me are looking worried, NAAFI at its best.

    PS could you shrink and re post those Jpgs.
  15. best bit is the girly thinks im laughing at big whatever