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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by legs-o-lead, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. OK, I'm not serving, never have, and now due to health, never will. So be gentle with me......

    How much latitude is there in what gear is carried and used by the Great British Squaddie ? RVOPS and other places seem to do great trade in all manner of things, so how much is your average muckah expected to provide for himself ?

  2. The Army supplies everything it deems necessary for soldiers to do the job required. For shiny things, there's shops like RVOps, e-bay etc etc.

    You pays your monies and takes your choices...
  3. When I was in a lot of issued kit, in particularly boots, was pretty cack, so if you valued warm, dry and blisterless feet then lots of people bought their own gear. Provided they weren't day-glo orange it didn't matter on operations and exercises but in camp issued kit was worn. There were also added extras that the army didn't supply that made life much easier/warmer on exercie/operations like coleman stoves, norwegian shirts, down jackets etc.
  4. I'm sure this has been done before, but...

    When I joined first time round (mid 80s) I got quite used to having to buy kit like Norgies, decent boots, warm sleeping bag etc BUT you tended to have to make do with most of your kit.

    When I joined RAuxAF a few years ago, I was ready to do much the same thing. Much to my surprise, the overwhelming majority of the stuff I was issued with I'm still using out of choice - it really is that good!

    Blokes still buy for convenience (Jetboil cookers), comfort (Lowa / Altberg boots) or MOD issue stuff we're not scaled for (assault vests / chest rigs).

    The 'gucci' gear is still there to be bought, but that's just for the 'ally' factor - not necessity really.
  5. When I joined the boots, plimsolls and shirts were horrid, so I spend my hard earned beer tokens on trainers, PRI OD shirts and store bought hi-leg boots. But IMHO the kit on issue now for Ops is superb.

    Guys in most parts will buy little trinkets to supplement that issued. But when it comes to parting with big money for custom webbing and shiny smocks, in most part it is driven by the desire to be ally, rather than because of need. (I guess it was always that way).
  6. Most of the kit I bought to supplement the issue stuff was to reduce weight/bulk from my bergan.

    Softie Jacket instead of fleece (and made a nice pillow when in its' stuff sack) and a softie 9 sleeping bag, not as warm as the bouncing bomb but so much smaller and lighter.

    Also the army didn't provide a multi-tool, or a flashlight that could fit in your pocket hence the Leatherman and Maglite.

    Anything to make life easier.
  7. Basically, the issue'd kit supplied these days 'has' improved vastly & as others have stated the extra's or 'Gucci' kit is basically down to the individual' needs of how they wish to improve where the MOD are 'still' falling short

    Softie's or Buffalo's etc
    Lowas'/Danners etc
    the list goes on

    The additional extra items is down to what 'you' deem required for your purpose, doing plenty of research asking the right questions & finding a decent supplier that won't rip you off would be your next move.
  8. it depends on how much of a kit monster you are. To be honest I am happy with most of my issued stuff as it has improved massively over the last couple of years but boots are still a tricky questions. My feet are born to get blisters and this is therefore the one thing that I MUST buy (I buy other kit as well but to be honest it is more to get the gucci gear than out of necessity!)
  9. Mong kit?

    Cream, ice, vanilla, scoop, 1
    Cone, wafer-biscuit, 1
    Balloon, red, 1

    That's it.
  10. It has probably been said (Just too lazy to read all of the threads) but what about the little 'Pink Ear Defenders' they were about as much use as Pork Chop in a Mosque.


  11. In my day they had crap ear plugs on issue but they said you could get your own ear defenders if you wanted, so I got a realy good pair as I was in the regimental shooting team and doing a lot of shooting, but got into all sorts of crap over this because they were bright red

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  12. Thanks for the info guys........ the question has been answered !

    I suppose what I was interested in hearing too, was exactly how much personal gear was actually allowed to be carried ? It seems that this depends on the unit, and how the command deals with it.......

    I was at a local military supplies specialist just yesterday, and what surprised me too was the kind of stuff being bought....... they had packages heading for Afghanistan that included chest rigs, UBACS etc, all of which I (perhaps naively) thought would have been "standard" issue for anyone in theatre ? Or am I just showing my civvy ignorance here ?
  13. We all purchased bright yellow ones!


    The nearest bod is me in Belize circa 1984.