Mong joke's out, nice to everyone now ya here

OK so the line goes . .

'Why are they called the Sunshine Variety coaches when all the kids on them look the fucking same?'

Now, as a joke it's not funny, like a fair amount of Mr Carr's dribble, but it's not offensive. I mean I don't see many mongs writing into The Times spitting in digust at Jimmy's foul 'joke'?
However, if the masses of the Mr & Mrs Outraged from Purley ever read ARRSE they'll be a Pitchfork outing to Olive Towers within the week. :nod:

Jimmy Carr blasted for 'sick' Down's syndrome joke | Mail Online

So, is Mong unaccpetable and is ARRSE the last bastion of Mongness? Shall we fire up the Outrage Mong Coach? Are any ARRSEr's qualified to lick the esteemed bus' windows?

I'm still trying to work out when Spacker was out, and Mong in? Or did I miss a whole PC thing due to an excessive alcohol problem decades ago and Mong has always been 'out'?

Incidentlaly, if anyone remembers his injured soldier/Paralympic joke last year, the only one's outraged where those who were not injured soldiers and those who do not participate in the Paralympics.
Spacker and Mong are both ok, I call my Mrs both quite often.

As for Jimmy Carr's joke, it is just that - a joke! I thought it was funny and it did make me laugh! Does it really hurt anyone other than the over-sensitive PC brigade?


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I got called a mong once. I was so shocked I nearly choked on my window.

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