Mong horse ridding

Taking the pi55 out of mongs, is it?

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I must say, since I have been a member of arrse, I have become even more of a sick and twisted person.

Personl Icesolation is now a word I can use with myself in mind. Civies just don't see the funny side of anything.

Any way.

On wednesday of this week I accompanied a class of mini mongs on a horse riddng trip. Whilst walking behinde the rear horse, I suddenly found and over welming want to get a air-weapon or pain-gun and shoot the horse in the arrse, I managed to reframe from doing so, however.

It would have been so funny to see this horse galloping away with said mong on it's back having a MALLLLLLLLLing fit would it not?

If I am having any unusual thoughts please give me a number I can call.

I agree the mong threads have been done to death but they have provided some of the best laughts ive had in a long long time - in fact since i handed my uniform back - civvys just dont have the warped and twisted humoure endemic in the forces.

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