Mong Cheats

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ringdoby, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Last night at around 1830 hours I was watching the local news here in the North East.

    One of the items they were covering was the 'Great North Walk'. Sort of like the Great North Run, but slower.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with that, BUT one of the people shown was driving an electric spaz chariot.

    When I mentioned to the wife 'that fecking mong is cheating, where is the effort it is supposed to put in. Its a walk, not a fecking drive', she promptly accused me of being insensitive. The bitch.

    All of a sudden I am now the person in the wrong instead of the cheating spacka.

    Its a fecking disgrace, and shows the poor state of this once proud Nation where cheats prosper, and honesty is criticised.

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  2. I blame the immigrants.
  3. It should be the Great North Trundle. So is going down hill cheating?
  4. You see!!!
    you get the people on here kicking off that we are cruel but these barstards are taking the pissss big time. its about time this was brought to the public eye, its like the london marathon 14 miles of that are down hill, cheating swine!!
  5. Northern Monkeys ! Right that's it :x

    I'm nicking the old man's petrol sit on lawnmower, painting it yellow, putting a shopping basket on the front and entering the London marathon :plotting:

    A couple of hours dribbling and I get a months free supply of mineral water and a chance to see Paula Radcliffe take a dump :thumright:

    Job is a good un 8)