Mong Assault Battalion

I have just been reading Cuddles post on Mongs.
Apparently their saliva is acidic. Their mlaaars are known to kill braincells and they have the strength of ten men and the mind of a child.

Keeping all this in mind, surely they would make the most wonderful close combat shock troops? Once you found a method of sending them in the right direction, of course: For FIBUA work you would just have to push a balloon into a room and then follow it up with a couple of desperate dribblers.

I know that you can get freeze-dried ice creams so rations would not be a problem. Balloons are stored flat and can be inflated as needed.

So what could go wrong?


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I'm sure the Mong Hordes thread has been done, with some considerable success, recently.

Don't know where though. Have a search.
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