"Playing brokers off against each other

All the national brokers above only charge upon completion of the mortgage, so as it's always good practice to seek more than one opinion why not try a few. Yet once you’re sure what you want, it is possible to simply complete via London & Country if you want broker help or Mortgage Genie for cashback.

Also bigger lenders often offer exclusive deals through certain big brokers, worth checking out and weighing up whether it's worth paying the brokers fee for the exclusive. However if it’s Charcol that has the exclusive, after speaking to their broker, you can still process through its Charcol Online* website which is fees free. "

I clipped the above from the website. After almost wetting myself laughing,i'd like to say that its because of people like this that free advice is becoming a thing of the past. Why should a broker do all the research and spend a couple of hours of their time with a new client for free, if they know in the back of their mind that what may happen is for the client to take the advice and go and place the mortgage through another channel.

I still give free advice on mortgages but my business partner does her nut with me, she is of the mind that if someone wants advice they pay for it, just as they would with a solicitor or an accountant. I guess I'm just old school. I can however see the day that if a client wants advice they will pay a fee on a time charged basis and the clock starts ticking as soon as they sit down with the advisor.

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