This scheme is being run under MoD contract to offer non-partisan training on financial matters, as well as broad guidance.

Whilst there are some very good financial advisors and insurance advisors out there, it's always useful to be able to spot those that are less 'independent' in their advice ... ;-)

If this scheme meets its obligations then it has the potential to improve financial awareness.

Edit: this is the official link:
Blue Force Housing were never party to a MoD contract to provide low cost housing/mortgages (or indeed anything else) nor did they actually have official endorsement - even if they may have had some local buy-in and rented an office on a military base.

Whilst many were left with the impression that they were an in-house scheme, they were not. So a perfect example of why people do need to check out who they are dealing with very carefully and why some financial training might be useful.

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