Money wasted again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Randy McStabb, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Love that one, they could have been buried in a coal mine ffs.
  2. Couldn't we sell them to the Iranians or somesuch?
  3. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said it was a "shrewd move" by the MoD and would bring notable savings in the long term.

    Shame no one thought to make the 'shrewd move' from the get go then.
  4. Can you capture the text please... for some reason, it comes up and disappears before I can read anything
  5. New figures in the MoD’s annual report and accounts for 2012/13 show £4.06billion in confirmed losses for 2012, as well as a further £4.4billion earmarked as “advanced notification” estimates.

    Most of the cost comes as military chiefs jettisoned high-value assets to make way for a new slim-line Armed Forces, which has already seen the British army shrink to its smallest number since the Crimean War.

    Included in the confirmed category was an “astonishing” £3.75billion for the cancellation of Britain’s spy-in-the-sky Nimrod MRA4 aircraft and £39million to buy out a “commercially sensitive” lease arrangement. A new fleet of Nimrods was due for delivery last year and would have offered Britain the world’s most advanced submarine hunter while doubling as a search-and-rescue aircraft.

    The nine aircraft were dismantled and scrapped in 2011, after a decision to sacrifice them as part of cost-cutting measures contained in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review.

    Estimated losses include:

    £1.5billion for the withdrawal of infantry from Germany.

    £1.29billion for the early withdrawal of the Harrier Fleet.

    £250million for slashing the number of Challenger 2 tanks.

    £500million for the early scrapping of four Type 22 frigates and Britain’s last aircraft carrier, Ark Royal,

    Col Richard Kemp, former commander of British troops in Afghanistan, said: “It is deeply shocking that such a high amount of taxpayers’ money should be written off like that, particularly at a time of such financial hardship.

    “It is astonishing that there was no attempt to mothball so much of this equipment against future use. It is terrible profligacy.

    “Scrapping much of this equipment, not to mention cutting down troop numbers, leaves this country vulnerable.”

    Andy Smith, of the UK National Defence Association, said: “It is an appalling waste.”

    The MoD said yesterday: “All of these costs have been announced in previous annual reports and accounts.”
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  6. I'm sure that nice Mr Assad would be happy to take them off our hands for the right price.

  7. I can summarise: 'None of this would have happened if Diana were still alive.' (c. Express Group Newspapers 1997-the end of time). If you want the full detail, though, the report witters on thus:

    (NB - I may have tinkered with some of the related articles)
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  8. SO in other words, the MOD incurred some costs ending contracts before time, but saved more money overall by not running the equipment on. The net result is that less money has been spent than would otherwise have been spent?
  9. Pretty much....

    Coming next, MOD buys out the ludicrous tanker PFI contract..... Hopefully.
  10. Suppose so. But that attitude does rather spoil the fun of whingeing about stuff.
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  11. I suppose it will cover the fact that most of the armour fleet held in CHE (that doesnt control humidity) is actually ****ed and cannibalised, saved someone a red face.