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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by britbeagle, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. 4 year old car in for MOT, full service history blah blah

    Repairs at MOT

    New ABS Sensors - sensors not working even though ABS was is now a fail
    New NSF Lower ball joint - bearing perished
    New tyre
    Brake pads

    £380 quid


    2 weeks later

    New NSF complete Hub assembly


    Bearings seized to hub

    Intermittent fault with Engine Management System

    £1000 if has to be replaced

    Has anyone else bought a what seems to be a great motor that turns into a money pit??

    Teach me to buy a car made by cheese eating surrender monkeys!

    fcuking peugeot!
  2. Yer, been there done that, bought a realy nice Fiat Punto, three months down the line head gasket went £660 hadn't had a puncture in years, got four in a month and all new tyre jobs, clipped the exhaust on a sleeping policeman another £200, driving on A48 the suspension unit flew off a lorry straight thruogh my windscreen luckly insered, but scarred the crap out of me, I think Ill call the car DAMION
  3. I bear your burden mate.

    I recently bought a 307 SW and hear about malfunctions of that type a concerning lot.
    I'm holding my breath.....
  4. could have been worse though mate, could have bought a Prius!!

    pass the pancakes will you please, id love one right now!
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Fiat Punto's mega cheap second hand, reason why? Head gaskets go and the cylinder head warps. nice.

    I once owned a 205Gl diesel, kept the local scrappy in business for 18mths buying parts including a brake disk that didn't so much wear out as snap in half.
  6. "Buy German or Honda. I hardly carry out work on either."

    Quote provided by C_J's mechanic
  7. My mechanic, thank god hes a mate and not a main dealer, managed to look pleased and embarrassed at the same time, cnut, he is soooooo losing money next time we play golf!
  8. True, my 7 series died of old age with never an issue, definitely going herman again next time
  9. I have a Skoda Fabia (don't laugh) with a 1.9 turbodiesel. Never a hint of a problem until the warranty ran out, then a few months later pootling along and BANG! followed by clouds of white smoke and a very sick sounding engine. The oil pipe to the turbo had fractured, and turbos don't run very well dry.

    New turbo. New intercooler. New pipework. Complete engine rebuild, with new part number parts because it was a known design fault.... New turbo housing, the works, everything with a total bill of about £3k. LUCKILY and after much arguing about the design flaw side of things they agreed to extend the warranty to 3 years from my date of purchase and not 3 years from registration, as it was an ex-demo!

  10. its built in obsolescence, I am certain

    Insert conspiracy theory here...........>
  11. If it's a PD130 engine then it's the same mechanicals. I've been assured that the replacement turbo is beefier and unlikely to fail in the same way, but there is a known problem with the dual-mass flywheel which is a notorious VAG TDi killer!
  12. No consiracy theory needed.
    When Renault designed the 2nd generation Clio the design brief was that minor parts like switches, seats, trim etc should start to fail once the vehicle was 3 years old.
    Main assemblies were to be relaible but minor glitches were deemed desirable to encourage the owner to buy a new vehicle without being serious enough to persuade the owner to shift to another brand.
  13. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I have a 15 year old Honda which pootles along with nary an issue.

    However, last year it started to go a little awry (just unloved and left on London streets to be get lovebites on all four corners) so I needed to find a good mechanic.

    Snaggle toothed, glued to a roll-up, hairy and very dirty, he turns up outside the house and does all the servicing/repair work there rather than in a garage.

    New drive shaft - purchase and install: £210.

    If you live near Battersea and want his details, then PM me.
  14. Got a Reno Scenic (French wheelie Bin!) and last month it would'nt start. Needed a new high pressure diesel pump and timing belt because its part of the change! with parts and labour it came to £998.68p

    Then 2 weeks later noticed my tyres were virtually slick so got 4 heavy load avons for £290 from Hi Q which seemed reasonable.

    Then on friday on MOT loads, front windscreen cracked (but on passenger side - £75 excess on insurance) both ball joints, both suspension points failed, brakes binding, brake discs worn to limits, and a couple of niff and triv well it comes to £460 to get it thru the MOT!

    so nearly £2000 in 2 months and i would be lucky if i could get £2000 for it being a 54 plate car, 120000 on the clock. Am now looking at a NIssan Navarra