money making opportunity?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. 14-Year-Old Coerced Into Artificial Insemination Scheme By Adoptive Mother : US/World : Medical Daily

    Heard this on the radio earlier today, seems the mother is a raving lunatic who was determined to have more kids and thought this would work out for her. Nuts.

    Anyway, according the the radio, the mother bought the man-fat on the black market, from an illegal baby-gravy vendor. Which got me thinking, how much is a decent quantity of crotch-custard worth & is it a business venture we should be approaching Dragons Den with? I mean, the amount of daddies-special-glue I have merely tossed away over the years.

    Also, how many more names for sperm do we know?
  2. Bollock Batter.
  3. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    I've always been in favour of what I call the double edged business model. That is money at both ends of the business.

    I first saw this many years ago when I worked on a building site and saw the digger driver selling top soil that he had charged my boss to dig up from his site. It got me thinking.

    I've had a couple of ideas.

    1/ Open a residential summer school, which you charge the busy parents for, then simply put the children to work, say smashing rocks under the blazing Lancashire sun.

    2/ Foster children and do similar. I enquired about this with the council, but never heard back from them after I requested children that could dig.

    3/ Open a sperm bank. All businesses need a USP, and I thought mine might be the collection 'operatives' (pictured)

    I thought in this way, it should be possible to make money on the collection AND the delivery.

    What say you? hnrh2051.jpg
  4. Hmmm...this sperm bank...the Bank that likes to say yes...YES...OH YES!!!!!!!


  5. How much more could you make if you sold the little buggers individually?

    "Certainly madam, this one's a particularly strong swimmer. Should have you up the duff in no time"

    Only problem might be trying to harvest the little bleeders - maybe a BJ through tightly - very tightly - clenched teeth would do it?
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  6. Sticky white love piss.
  7. Not to take anything away from your "collection agents" in any way but you have just reminded me of a very crafty bloke who works round here.
    He charges horse stables to collect and get rid of the horse shite and straw.
    He then sells the resulting big steaming pile to a mushroom growing business
    They use the stuff for a few months and he then charges them to collect and get rid of whats left
    He then sells what he collects to farmers and gardeners as top quality field dressing.

    Makes a fucking fortune.
  8. Having never deposited at a sperm bank, how do you go about it? Jizz into a cup and hand it over? Whack one off over liquid nitrogen? Someone says to a worker "Open wide" and she/he (if you like) spits it into a test tube? Do you get any 'help' or is it all self manual labour? Videos? Jaz mags?
  9. From my time going through IVF cycles, it's top shelf Soft jazz mags.

    The cute chinese embrologist could have helped me out, oh yes she could, anytime

    I was going to offer them some decent German hardcore, but as you have to have at least 3 days worth stored up, the vid may invoke an ND due to hair triggers
  10. I'm in, & I reckon Peter Smith would go for it too!

    Not Debroah Meadon though...
  11. Go on then, I'll join as well.

    And .....Baby Gravy

  12. Premature ejaculation? I call it spontaneous myself.
  13. Sorry, I'm out.
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