Money making opportunity in Iraq

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by USAF_Odd_Ball, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Very nice e-mail I received. I suppose If I invest I might be able to use my profits to bid on one genuine SAS windproof smock.

    Hey, Devil_Dog, loan me a ten spot to get started? :plotting:

    :plotting: :plotting: :plotting: :plotting: :plotting: :plotting:
  2. You wouldn't have enough for the smock with only 30% of it, sorry.
  3. Major Daniels wouldn't be Nigerian by any chance???
  4. oh mate, you've got to bait the cnut. have a go will you? this could become a legendary thread.....
  5. I tried, but his email addy had already shut down.
  6. Guess that narrows the Regiment down to the Gay Gordons then?

  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Shame - anyway, 30% of 15 million dollars is worth about 50p stirling. The smock is a tad more at £10,000,000 (or USD $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.49)
  8. Oh, dear. Perhaps one of the ARRSErs here would have helped me to find a substitute for £250K?
  9. I got pretty much the same thing the other day, from an american though.
    I got more money offered!! hahaha!

    From "Alan Tyler", Subject "PLEASE GET BACK TO ME"

    Dear Friend,

    Good day to you. I am sure This mail will definitely be coming to you as a
    surprise,but i must crave your indulgence to introduce myself to you. I am
    Lance Corporal Alan Tyler, a US marine, currently serving in Iraq. The
    reason why I am contacting you via this media is because it is anonymous. I
    can't contact my friends and family back home as they are listed as
    acquitances in my military file and to contact them may compromise the
    confidentiality of this transaction. I am currently in Kuwait on duty break.
    I and my partner, secretly moved some abandoned cash in a mansion belonging
    to the slayed former president of Iraq, Saddam Husein and the total cash is
    $25 Million USD. We have discovered the cash for over 3 months now but we
    waited until the verdict has been passed and we are sure there is no way
    anybody could trace the money.

    As I write this letter to you, this box is here with me in cash as I
    secretly moved it out of Iraq to Kuwait. You do not have to be afraid of
    anything as no one else knows about this and everything is safe. I would be
    pleased and grateful to you if you could assist us in receiving this box as
    I will be heading back soon to camp in Iraq to join my collegues. Of course,
    I will give you some money for your efforts.

    Moving the funds out of here is not going to be much of a problem as
    arrangements are being made towards that. All I want from you is your trust
    and assurance that if the boxes gets to you, you can keep them in a safe
    place until our arrival. I have to stop here for now. We have limited time
    now, kindly get back to me immediately.

    In God we trust,
    Lance Corporal Alan Tyler

  10. Hmm...

    Looks like L/Cpl Tyler hasn't been entirely honest with his 'partner' Major Daniel (to the tune of $9.5 million).

    Expect to hear about an unfortunate 'Blue on Blue' sometime soon.

  11. lol, never thought of that 1
  12. I'm seeing a slight contradiction there. I know marines aren't reputed to be overly smart, but jeez.
  13. "I am Lance Corporal Alan Tyler, a US marine, currently serving in Iraq. The reason why I am contacting you via this media is because it is anonymous."

    Ehh, repeat everything after "I am," over.

  14. Good evening to you this fine morning.

    I am Coloured Sergeant Tilbake of the Phaic Tannese Military Police. I am having had the most unfortunate duty of having investigated the untimely death of L/Cpl Tyler of the US Marine Core as a result of what you are calling a ‘Bluey’.

    L/Cpl Tyler was killed by a single shot the head, from a 105mm Howitzer, fired accidentally by Major Daniel of Britain’s elite 1st Troupe, the Royal Dancers Regiment. So filled with remorse was the remorse-filled Major Danny that he remorsefully killed himself, with a gun, a knife and a rope. He then buried his body in the desert where nobody is finding it.

    In the follow-up investigation, we have been found a mattress stuffed with $9.5 million in used notes in L/Cpl Tyler’s tent. We are now having possession of this mattress and I am sleeping on it to keep it safe from naughty people.

    What we need to do is to send you this mattress, so you can have some of the money and so can we. All needing from you at the moment is promises of marriage from any of your feminine relations for myself and my Corporals, and $50,000 for cleaning the stains from the mattress. I testify before the great God that these are L/Cpl Tyler’s stains, not mine.

    Thank you for your kind understanding for this delicate matters.

    C/Sgt Tilbake MM DSO H5N1
    1,056th Coy PTMP

  15. PHP:

    My sisters 16 in July
    u can hav her!