Money instead of leave days?

Probably duff gen, but a clerk remarked in passing that any leave days outstanding at the end of the year could be claimed as extra days pay. Anyone in the know able to point out the relevant JSP to this too-good-to-be-true dit?

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Since as you say it's "too good to be true" there is hardly likely to be a JSP that refers to it is there Trigger?
It's real enough, it's in the same JSP that covers your Christmas Bonus.

Best thing is to go up RHQ and ask the Pay Clerk if they're good they'll do all the JPA shenanigans for you for the price of a Chocolate Eclair.
Why would anybody want to cash in earned leave for cash, when you can take the leave in the normal manner and also be paid for doing so. I thought that this idea was vetoed in the 80s.
What if you have been dicked for duty and have leave allowances that you can't carry forward?

Pay in lieu sounds good to me although only in circumstances beyond your control therefore stopping the money grabbing gits banking their leave.

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I think you have the wrong Army.

AFAIK the Americans do this (or at least used to) and it was a nice little bonus available but only when you finally left the service.
If (and it is one f*cking mahoosive if) this ever came to fruition, Individuals/JPA would have to be policed far more closely than they are now with regard to actually submitting absence on JPA, with the main culprits being Officers and SNCOs (generally).

I would also suggest, nipping to the bank/shops/garage or home for a delivery/to feed the pet, going to school plays/picking the kids up from school occasionally, early stacks on Fridays, occasional days off would become much more tightly monitored if money at the end of the year was on the table for missed leave.

All the above is in spite of the fact that the OP should have posted in the Urban Myth thread in the first place ^~


IIRC a year or so ago it was reported that the MoD were looking into the possibility of paying compensation to people who were unable to take their full leave entitlement for service reasons. Then it all went quiet.
Up to 15 days automatically carries over anyway, that is almost half the annual entitlement...

You can carry more over, if the CO likes yours reasoning.

There is no excuse really after that, as you could easily whack a long weekend in every now and then (7 will see that 15 days demolished) or just have a couple of months worth of Monday off... or Friday. Or just stack a couple of extra days at the start and end of leave.

Don't think you can do it? Get a bucket of water, put your hand in, and then pull it out. The gap left is how much you'll be missed.

Make sure your CoC are aware of your days left, in fact you could start your request for leave with 'I have X days left, can I take...'


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Why would anybody want to cash in earned leave for cash, when you can take the leave in the normal manner and also be paid for doing so.
In some civilian campanies, if you take pay in lieu of holiday, you get paid for the day you worked, plus the day's pay for the holiday you didn't take. It's a way of bumping up your total pay. It's cash neutral for the company because they've got an extra day's work out of you.

In one company I worked for I got five weeks holiday. I used to get pay in lieu of holiday for one week of that, which paid the bulk of the costs for a holiday abroad another week.

I think the OP is after some extra cash...


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