Money for resettlement

its a patheticly low amount, £534, plus travel and accommodation.
it is alot when its added together but try and find a decent course for around £534!


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This is why a lot of the official ressetlement firms provide you with a course for a fixed fee. These firms know the rates for Subsitance and charge you the full wack, so for example they know you get £534 for the course but can claim another £1500 for subsistance (figures are vague, I left a few years ago). So they will offer you a course (bricklaying, computer maint etc) for £2034, but the course is residential and you must stay and eat on their terms. It may seem like a bit of a rip off, but as said before, try and get a decent course for £534. At least this way the companies make their money by charging you full wack, but you do get more than £534 worth of course.
the only pain in the arrse is if the course you want is run at you RRC, if it is you will pay for anything over the £534.


Don't talk to clerks in your unit - they know f all about it.
Phone or visit the IERO's clerk at your AEC. They deal with this on a daily basis and can advise you according to your personal case.
Argeed with codger on that one for def!! Ring them direct as i went through my clerks and kept getting a dead end, not there fault as they dont deal with it but got all the answers i needed when phone the resettlement office.
I totally agree with the two posts above, I'm a clerk and I knew nothing about resettlement until I started going through it myself.

What IT_GEEK said is spot on, my course will cost me over £2800 for 4 weeks training, but most of that is hotel and food charges. All in all I'll pay about £130 out of my own pocket (and don't forget to use your ELC/SLC).

Book an appointment with your IERO at your AEC, they are usually really clued up and helpful.

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