money but no sense!!

Crashed it just like a professional :lol: guess he saved all that time and effort of learning to fly and just went to the crashing bit.
There was the old tale of two foremen on the RAF OMAN contract, who post one afternoon pizz up decided that they could fly a Huey. They started one up and Bunny Hopped it into the uhule. The Chief Eng saved their necks and got it towed back and checked over before next day.
One went through Wallop wih me and years later got the boot off his misses for giving a close quarter personnal servicing to his caddy in a bunker in Pattaya. Same guy banged an old dear round back of the George in Andover and tho a tall lad himself had to stand on an orange box to do the dirty deed. We made the usuall jokes about did she kick it way as you came.

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