Money back for Glasses

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by conco, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. The cells have aged abit but I remember somewhere that if you get glasses and you use IT equipment you can claim the money back??

    Not being tight, just frugal with the Gelder can some one explain if this is correct?

    If so what percentage i can get back?

    Oh and what form i have to fill in to get it back? 8)
  2. Yes you can if you work for over 8 hrs a day in front of the said IT kit.

    Tell the Optician you use IT kit (don't we all these days?) It has to be mentioned on the form/your bill.

    It was 60 quid last year. I had to use RAF forms as the Army had none!.
  3. The Army will issue you some gorgeous 'Defence Specs'. If you don't want them then it's your problem I'm afraid.

    Take your prescription to your Medical Centre and they'll order them for you, along with your Resi Specs (Yeah, right!) You'll end up wit hBuddy Holly specs though.
  4. cheers
  5. I managed to get the Resi specs (though I had to swap a Resi for one with the rubber eyepieces ), but I never got any of the 'defense specs', as "They aren't issued to the T.A."
  6. I must be lucky then. (Or unlucky, depending on your point of view). I took an FMed 79 (Prescription for Spectacles) to the opticians, ticked the boxes for CBRN lenses and Defence Spectacles, put the form into the unit and subsequently got both.

    This subject has come up before. The answers then were: