Money - A Dillema

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ANewRecruit, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. So I've done my RSW, and I'm about to get my kit from my unit so I can start training. (Can't wait!)

    My problem? I'm a student that does 40hours a week on my course, and money is a real issue.

    I hope that the pay in the TA would be enough to get me through, seeing as it's a choice of either TA or getting a part time job.

    What can I expect in the way of pay, roughly?
  2. I think the term that will be thrown around here is "don't rely on TA pay" it's not a regular income & frequently goes pear shaped leaving you with nothing.
  3. If your joining the TA just for money, prepare to be disappointed. Focus on your degree. Remember your priorities.
  4. I never said I was joining the TA for the money. I said I want to do it, however I need a second income to support myself.
    I was hoping the TA, while not providing as much as a part time job in a HUGE MARGIN of difference might go some way to doing this.

    I'm 21 and still have 18months at uni, I really don't want to be stuck behind a desk all my life, or doing the typical unchallenging, boring work I will inveitabely be doing!

    / Rant.
  5. Or join the OTC as they are more geared up to dealing with students.
  6. I agree with boxy. OTC is more suited to the student lifestyle and it will fit training around your terms at uni.
  7. I'd have to travel to Sheffield? And that's an hour each way for me.

    Time wise I'm ok as is.. you only get christmas and Easter off as a student. I work on a placement and have to use my remaining holidays for the two week TA training.
  8. A student doing 40 hrs a week? Things have changed since my days at University!

    Anyway, why dont you rod off university and join the army full time. Problem solved.
  9. 40 hours a week? Jesus!
  10. I'm on a placement, I only do 15hours in lectures on normal years!
  11. Someone at my OTC used to travel 50 miles each way for training so don't let an hour's travelling time put you off, and you might be able to claim travelling expenses.
  12. I'm not 100% on the daily rate of pay for yourself maybe £35'ish. So if you do 4 drill nights a month, thats 4 x .25 of a days pay. Weekends are done at either 2 or 2.5 days. So your monthly pay can vary from £15 to £100 for normal training with 1 weekend a couple of drill nights. As has been mentioned already never rely on it, they might decide to stop training for periods of time and the training program can have quiet weeks/months.

    You'll get travel, if you used your own vehicle (not bicycle) or public transport.