Monday morning.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. In no way taking away from the the other threads.

    What will be top of the agenda at Princess Productions tomorrow morning?
    Beatings, sackings, silence?

    Early entry to the Grand National?

    At the very least a photo call for new and improved staff photos.

    I'm working on something, but to be honest the spoof? Website takes some beating.

    To add, I hope that Lucy makes it through the day as an employee, and manages to continue her free thinking, bluesky madcap televisual thought processes, although I feel we've shit out on the norks out request.
  2. Come Monday tea time and i bet Lucy will be having beans on toast in the gutter whilst thinking to herself, if only i'd shown them beasts my norks it may not have come to this !
  3. What about poor little Lucy Weston, innocent graphic designer and unwitting object of arrsers' perverse lust?

    Come to daddy angel, special cuddle....

    (Growls menacingly)
  4. I've got a funny feeling that you're correct. One quick, even false i/d flash, and she'd have been ranked as a 'player'...

    You see, the 'tits out for the lads' request oft spouted here, could now actually prove to be a career changer.

    What a strange world we live in.
  5. I doubt there will be much of anything going on. Certainly no change in the piccys on the PrincessTV website. Don't forget these are media people who never listen to no fucker as they are a bunch of premaddonas. Just look at that Paul fellow. One can tell by just looking at him, he thinks he is the dogs bollocks and is bi-sexual. He also looks as if he is into sucking cow blood in a similar way that the Masai people do and he probably also owns a 1990s Volvo estate.

    As for the idea, I think they will continue with it until they find that nobody is really up for the idea.....and they will change the idea away from squaddies to navy bummers.
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  6. I never saw Lucy. How come she wasn't on the voting list? Are you bastards keeping her to yourselves?
  7. I think she's already in someone's van.
  8. I don't know what the fuck you guys are talking about, however, our resident personage of recovery did mention 'tits out', so I can only assume that a chick is involved. Well done that man.
  9. I would suggest having a read of these;

    You may have finished them by the time the fun starts later. Enjoy cause i know you will.
  10. Cheers mate, on my way.
  11. "Norks" man. I said. "norks out." Tsk, the youth of today, any fucking excuse to use fucking rude words.
  12. I know. Cunts today have no fucking manners.
  13. *slopes sheepishly by, as not to attract notice*
  14. I think Lucy will be fine since everyone has been frothing over the moustache-sporting graphic designer rather than the actual one who started this whole shebang.
    Lucy Stevens | Facebook

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I wouldn't be so sure.

    If you want them to fall to the floor in a wailing and contrite heap whilst vowing never to do it again, a degree of disappointment awaits.

    The reality is, however, more subtle and satisfying. In an industry dominated by ego and image, the two Arrse threads are delightfully toxic and long term. The good folk of Princess must go about their daily working lives knowing that these threads are gently ticking away. They will never know who has seen them and who has not. They will assume the worst because, if the victim was another TV company, they themselves would revel in it. There will be sniggering and it will be snide. Paul will start hearing chicken impressions, Kelly will get odds on the success of her next venture and Tim will be furiously trying to locate a copy of Superman 2. It is a statistical inevitability that at least one of the many pen pictures has captured someone exactly and that we have told truths which resonate because they are truths that others have longed to utter.

    Everyone in TV has enemies, everyone is always on the lookout for ammunition and this affair is Lend Lease on steroids. This cannot be simply dismissed or laughed off, because the whole episode stemmed from gross unprofessionalism in the original approach and a complete failure of process in thinking the concept through - core competencies for a TV company. This is a Murdoch organisation, yet again, behaving in a crassly insensitive manner, and trying to make money from wars started by his well-connected friends, without any consideration of the wider implications.

    Rivals will be chuckling into their cocktails and the delectable Henrietta will spend the next few years wondering whether the commissioning editor is listening to her pitch or imagining her chained to a radiator in Five Alpha's spare bedroom. Those most effusive in their sympathy will be the worst offenders, links will be shared after every argument or dismissal and the industry will revel in it - if nothing else, the rats and mice who are paid little or nothing to work for these super-egos will make sure of that.

    That is the curse of Arrse, and it is more than sufficient.

    P.S. Not that any of the above will stop the immediate concept development of 'Get your norks out!' and 'Airtight in Essex'.
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