Hi Guys and girls,

I would like some info if possible, there is a guy started in my company and i think he is telling porkie pies.

He reckons he was at monchengladbach from 2000- 2003 as a telecommunications engineer, he also reckons he was a lance jack and detachment commander.

Now normally this is believable, however 2000 to 2003 was his whole time in the army, now to get lcpl detachment commander is good going.

He is known for talking bollocks and this sounds like one.

if anyone was at monchengladback around that time and might remember the name PM me.

cheers in advance

I doubt he was a det comd with DCSA G. Maybe JNCO IC planned outages or something.

He could well have been a technician, if he had started his basic training sometime in 98, then done his class 3 tech trg at Blandford in 99 - he may well have been a LCpl Tech from 2000-2003. However, he wouldnt have been in Monchengladbach. He would have been based in either Elmpt or JHQ Rheindahlen. And i doubt he would have been det comd of anything other than a GS rover.
boney_m said:
However, he wouldnt have been in Monchengladbach. He would have been based in either Elmpt or JHQ Rheindahlen.
I think you will find that JHQ is in Moenchagladbach!! (so is Rheindahlen which is down the road from JHQ!)

Back to the original subject though - It is possible he was a det commander but very very unlikely as a sprogy T3 tech (which requires supervising all the time) which covers at least the first year!
Smoking_Sigs said:
I think you will find that JHQ is in Moenchagladbach!! (so is Rheindahlen which is down the road from JHQ!)

My point SS, was that if i was posted to JHQ Rheindahlen (and i have been twice), i would destribe myself as living in Rheindahlen or JHQ or Hardt at a push - not Monchengladbach. I appreciate that Rheindahlen is a village on the outskirts of Monchengladbach, and is part of Stadt Monchengladbach.

the_guru said:
Never been in the Ptarmigan garages then???
I thought the JHQ Ptarmigan setup was a 1 Sigbde asset, as DCSA doesnt "own" Ptarmigan. Might be wrong tho.
Simple solution. Just ask him what unit he was with.

There are bound to be at least a couple of people on here who will then be able to give you the real story.

Lancejack det comds do or at least used to exist. Especially in units that were somewhat undermanned. The det then consisted of said Lcpl and one siggy. :) Seen that a few times
I was a Siggy Det Cmdr back at 22 Sigs and at 3 Div. There were quite a few as Promo's got binned when the first round of redundancies came in during the early 90's.
But you are talking about a decade later so can't help there. Unfortunate that it is being overlooked that a lower rank can know allot more - but then again I have been out 9 years and I guess it has changed considerably.....
And whats wrong with being det comd of a GS landrover?? Gotta start somewhere :sunny: . . . . and you need someone to be in charge of the schnelly run . . . 'Eine Jagger schnitzel my man - hold the mayo on the pommes'!! Chaos would ensue if no one was in charge of the GS landrover surely??
It's been a while since I left (nearly 10 years), but I left as a siggy and during my service I was det comd of a SAS/MC, a Wavell, a Node Command and a SW&FC. The last 2 were at the same time due to the unit being posted to NI just as I arrived. When the unit returned I handed the SW&FC over to a Corporal and stayed as Det Comd of the NC.
To be fair though I didn't become a det Comd until after I had completed my class 2 and left with my class 1 (one of the last class 1's to be run with siggy's on).
For about half of the period you're talking about, 16SR was at JHQ and for the remainder it was in Elmpt. Of course for the time 16SR was in JHQ, the Ptarmigan hub (several processors) was 'owned' by 252 Sig Sqn of 16SR and subsequently transferred to DCSA when the Sqn was absorbed (when the Regt moved); the hub is still 'owned' by DCSA. Furthermore, at the same time, 16SR had a large 'out of use' section in Ayrshire Bks in Mönchengladbach; he could have been involved there.
For a great deal of that period, Sgt and Cpl technicians were thin on the ground and LCpls were used a Det Comds by necessity. If you want to PM me his name I'll see if I remember him.


The guy could have been in MG. Ayrshire Barracks had elements of 7 Sigs (U Tp) based there when we (7 & 16) put a load of the wagons into "light pres" after Bosnia. 16 Sigs if i remember never had anyone up their permenantly.

On being a Det cmdr; it is quite possible as I was a siggie det cmdr for a good couple of years, and alot of my lads now are still that. However as these wagons were in light pres it's quite possible he had about 3 to 4 dets on flick. Not really detatchment commanding though

editied for being a mong and not reading Spliff boys post (same stuff). Ah well, there ye go.
I'm Gobsmacked that peeps here have not heard of Siggie det cmdr's. I joined in 81 and through my whole career as a signalman 81-86 I was a det cmdr, that being either a landrover det or a 432/436 det, this was common throughout the corps at that time, when I left in 94 this was still the norm. A det does not have to been commanded by a nco. At one point as a Signalman I was the det cmdr of G3 Ops and the LTM (laser target marking) det at the same time. Believe me I was nothing special just one of those things that happend. I thought it was the norm if no nco was around to do it, infact in 1 Div as a signalman I was det cmdr with one crewmember who was a lcpl. explain that one???????????????
I suppose the simple answer to the original question is that both statements are entirely possible. I know what I'm talking about here, which could be described as a rare event.

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