Monarchist or Republican...?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yeoman_dai, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Queen and Country! Huzzah!

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  2. Death to the Monarchy!

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  1. We've just had this discussion in the bar, and i'm curious.... so then ARRSE denzins, lets have it - it's 2018 and the govt does something so monumentally stupid that The Queen... or King... whichever, has to step in and refuses to sign the act off. Political calamity ensues, and soon the UK falls into strife turmoil and confusion, and more strife.... It's Civil War Mk3 and YOU have to choose which side you're going to support...

    So, will it be for Queen and Country, or are you Oliver Cromwell born again?

    NB. No, i'm not going to give you details, just run with the idea you have to choose. Maybe the govt has banned Corgis, or something I dunno.
  2. Queen and country, as it would take something utterly moronic to force something like that and the dozy politico bastards would deserve the lynching heading their way.

    I predict the Govt banned hand to gland combat and hiked the price of booze to prohibition era levels
  3. Senatus Populusque Anglorum!
  4. Oh, you mean hypothetically purging politicians and republicans? I only ask as Im free all next week, if you wanted to start the proceedings then
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  5. Down with Corgis that's for sure. Horrible, snappy little non-working Welsh *****.

    Too many variables to vote, tho.
  6. Daft question since we have all pledged allegiance to the Queen.....therefore only traitorous scum would not support the Queen.
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  7. As a wise Bowman instructor once said to me; "I don't give a s*** what anyone says about the Royal Family, the day we have to make the choice I'll be with my back against Buckingham Palace shooting any f***er that comes near"

    He's a firm supporter of HRH The Princess Royal.
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  8. ..........................No contest!

    The politicians should be very frightened of a scenario like this!

    Chop chop!
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  9. Some of us have retired and are no longer bound to the pledge.
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  10. Once pledged, always pledged.
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  11. Can I just be the first one to say that I'll be there to support HM if I can have one of THOSE riles...


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  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Queenie all the way baby. Anything that stops ***** like Blair becoming President and us having all that **** the Yankee's just finished up with every 4 years!
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  13. Not in my book. I've checked my pay statements - nothing coming in from Her Maj.
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  14. <---- foreign Johhnie, but the wife used to cook for the Great White Ma'm Sahibs mum, so I'm biased.

    And yes, the Corgis are cnuts.
  15. The Queen did that to Thatcher over the Poll Tax. They changed the law. The Queen as far as I remember, can no longer veto a bill... Standing by to be corrected.

    I.ll vote to join America. Is that an option?