Mon Night- UKTV home 21:00 - Ty Penningtons Homes for the Brave

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fat_Cav, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. Saw a trailer for it and thought it might be worth highligthing.

    Ty Pennington's Homes for the Brave
    Starts UKTV Home @ 21:00 monday 20th

    Probably over-the-top heartstring tugging, but you can't fault the cause. Notwithstanding the countless statements that this is something the MOD/local housing authourity/etc should be dealing with first. About Ty Pennington's Homes For The Brave
  2. Bump

    Tonight @ 21:00
  3. No one commenting on this? I just watched it and couldn't help thinking there were more deserving cases than a WO1 marked to a SSgt ( combined income of what, 65k?)

    From the title I was expecting maybe converted houses for guys wounded on tour etc
  4. Watch it now, it's on again. Two ex-Rifles guys setting up a pad together*

    *- Gay innuendo on a postcard to the usual address
  5. When the programme was first put out it was called MOD homemakeover and the criteria was you had to have you own house, put some one in for it and see what happened!
  6. They wanted differant stories for the programme i.e Injured, leaving forces, both serving etc! The programme deciede who went on after the initial interviews and applications. Don't ask don't get! Good on all of them!!
  7. Fair one, just used to the wife watching his yank stuff, it's always proper heart strings stuff, builds some awesome places though!