Moments of humour...

...Coz we could all do with a snigger:

RoyalTankR said:
Think I just found the answer!

There should not be a space between cllr.hunt @ It should be thus for ALL addresses

Bounces can annoying at the best of times but..........these are really important.

Why is it that I have just yelled "TRIGGER!" at the screen! The whole email address thing was only covered a couple of pages back (as well as hundreds of times on ARRSE previously), yet it's like he's just discovered fire, FFS! :roll: :muhaha:
I think this campaign would make an excellent rock opera. Or a musical.

"The Hills are alive with the sound of NIMBYs...."

As for tomorrow....when I counted 300 objections it put me in mind of a historical precedent.

"Spartans, breakfast well, for tonight we dine in Dorking" :twisted:
I'm going to nick that :twisted:
(clears throat...laaah)

My Least Favourite Objections

The impending doom of a terrorist threat
Property prices - how low can you get
Scaremongering based on traffic projections
These are a few of my least favourite objections

When the NIMBYs moan
When the council say "no"
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my least favourite objections
And then I get really mad
Any lyrics for "Do-Zy-Bint? :twisted:
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