Moments of dumbness

With the benefit of hindsight what do you note as being one of your dumbest moments. I'll start. In '89 I went DUI, which in itself is dumb, I put my car on a neighbours fence. I then went home to explain to the ex what I did, poored some toothpaste down my gob thinking this would nullify the pending breathe test, I then went back to the crash site, where all the neighbours had gathered, and I proceeded to explain that a dog had crossed my path causing me to swerve on the dewy road. I then argued with said fence owner whilst he rang plod, I then waited in loc for said plod to arrive. Needless to say I failed breathe test. I always wondered why I just didn't get mrs d_u to go in my stead. I must've been pissed. :oops: Funniest thing about the incident was when one neighbour reckoned that he saw said "dog".
wannabe_civvy said:
I think more stupid than "said" incident is posting this "said" cr*p thread!
The ARRSE Hole

The worst of ARRSE. A collection of all the most irrelevant, dull, and annoying posts.

How do you discern this to be any less crap than any other? As stated above it's, "A collection... :p
I don't know. Worse postings than this have escaped being dispatched here.

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