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Moller Volantor - vehicle of the future, or massive wah?

1. Ok if you always want to travel downwind.
2. Isn't the safety apparatus a bit cumbersome (the crawler crane).
3. If an engine fails on one side, do you call heads or tails?
4. Two seats. When does the estate model come out?
5. It's had 200 flights since 1989. Not exactly new, then. And evidently not reliable.
fuctifino said:
It'll never catch on, there's not enough room in the back for a copy of the times let alone for me to sit in the back and read it!
Now you said that it will go on to sell a million vehicles :D
Puttees you're a Luddite!

Okay, the video didn't exactly convince me either, but if the craft actually works as they claim it could be great fun (speeds of around 80 kmh at about 3 metres altitude!).

I can however forsee a great many accidents in the future if these become commonplace.


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